What great leap in consciousness did you make 13 years ago? What radical new concept infused into your life? What jolt did you receive to your philosophy or beliefs? Think back to the first few months of 1997. Anything?

The reason I point out this specific period in our lives is to highlight the last time larger-than-life Jupiter and revolutionary Uranus came together. The conjunction in astrology signals both an ending and beginning of something, a blending of two energies in a very powerful way. While Jupiter is the planet of good fortune and abundance, it expands the energies of any planet it touches. Uranus is the planet of sudden changes, innovation, and breakthroughs, thus its meeting with super sized Jupiter in June 2010 is nothing short of a big deal — a big deal made bigger by the fact that they will be conjuncting at 0 degrees of Aries.

Cardinal Signs and Zero Aries

To understand why this is not your average conjunction, it’s best to take a moment to grasp that the cardinal zodiac signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn correspond with the change of seasons, acting as a catalyst for initiation. The first degree of those signs are very potent, vibrating with an energy that is imbued with the spark of change. When you think of 0 degrees Aries, think of that moment when winter turns to spring when those first shoots of green break from previously barren soil. There is a magic at work in this moment — a natural alchemy.

When Jupiter and Uranus conjunct, there is the possibility of big (Jupiter) technological breakthroughs (Uranus) and an expansion (Jupiter) in mass consciousness (Uranus), amplified by the energy at 0 Aries. The shoots are about to break through! What will be revealed next month?

(To read more about how this conjunction impacted history, I recommend Lynn Koiner’s article on her website. She talks pertinently about the last time Jupiter and Uranus met up at 0 degrees of a cardinal sign, which was in 1969 for the Apollo moon landing.)

Finding Zero Aries in Your Natal Chart

If you have your natal chart handy, find the start of Aries and you’ve located where the conjunction will hit your chart. For me, the conjunction is happening in my 3rd house of communication, which seems auspicious for any breakthroughs in consciousness. Where is your conjunction happening? (Note, the explanations will further be flavored if the conjunction is aspecting any natal planets.)

The 1st House: Breakthroughs or realizations in appearance or identity.

The 2nd House: Breakthroughs or realizations in values, personal income, or self worth.

The 3rd House: Breakthroughs or realizations in communication, learning, or relationship with siblings.

The 4th House: Breakthroughs or realizations about home environment, family, how we take care of ourselves.

The 5th House: Breakthroughs or realizations about self expression, creativity, romance, or children.

The 6th House: Breakthroughs or realizations in our daily work, health, or how we serve others.

The 7th House: Breakthroughs or realizations in our partnerships or how we relate to the people in our life.

The 8th House: Breakthroughs or realizations in shared financial resources, intimacy, or our mortality.

The 9th House: Breakthroughs or realizations in beliefs, philosophy, or learning.

The 10th House: Breakthroughs or realizations in career, social standing, or authority.

The 11th House: Breakthroughs or realizations in friendships, groups, or our role in the collective.

The 12th House: Breakthroughs or realizations in spirit, dreams, or our connection to life beyond this earth plane.