This month’s winner for my online natal chart reading is Bunny. Her birth data is March 28, 1983 at 6:52 pm, Houston, Texas, USA. Congratulations, Bunny! [Click here for larger chart]


Bunny, by her nature, is in tune with the darker elements of life with a strong Saturn/Pluto flavor in her outward personality. The 1st house of the natal chart is like the clothes we wear and having this duo of outer planets is like donning a heavy metal suit of armor. But with a fashion conscious Libra ascendant, the armor is at least going to have a little Venusian twist. And her ascendant ruler is in the 8th house in earthy Taurus. Can we say goth girl? Or wiccan potion master?

I’m not sure if Bunny is her real name or a screen name, but I think it’s funny that she has the Moon conjunct her ascendant as the moon is associated with fertility. That’s what Easter is at its pagan core — a fertility celebration with bunny rabbits and eggs. Is Bunny a little bit of a goth moon goddess? And with Cancer on the cusp of her 10th house, her highest ambition is to nurture, to be in touch with the sacred feminine/mother. I think this softens that Saturn/Pluto conjunction that she leads with. Make no mistake, Bunny is tough, but she’s more the powerful witch tending to others through holistic herbal remedies than anything else.

There is a running theme of Mercury/Neptune in her chart. South node in the 3rd house conjunct Neptune. Mercury ruling the 12th house cusp. Pisces on the 6th house cusp. Mind you there are two faces to Mercury — Gemini vs. Virgo; the gathering of information vs. the sorting of information. This is someone who is not only wired for talk but wired intuitive thinking and communication. Maybe she’s into tarot, divination, psychic insights, and channeling. This is also someone who has come from past lives where movement, learning, and communication were an integral part of her character.

Oh and I can’t forget to mention that Saturn/Pluto conjunction in the 1st is opposite Mars in the 7th. Yeeouch! That’s a pretty heavy natal configuration to have no matter how you spin it. This can either mean major battles in her partnerships or learning to successfully balance powerful partnerships and the natural ebb and flow of who is in charge. Bunny no doubt wants to be in charge. The key is to find a co-ruler and not a minion to fight with.

Past Lives, Karma, & Healing

Service and health oriented Virgo is another major component of Bunny’s chart. Her Aries sun is in the 6th house (trine her Uranus/Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius!) and so she is an enthusiastic and energetic worker. That or her daily life is one of being constantly on the move. But there is a karmic component to her daily work and how she serves others with her thoughts and ideas. Virgo is on the 12th house cusp, speaking to past lives and karma surrounding the practical application of skills, service, and knowledge.

I get the feeling that there is a life lesson for Bunny about getting the facts right. She is learning to give back to the world and serve the world via her knowledge as if her beliefs or ideas were upsetting to others in a past life (ruler of the 12th, Mercury, trine Jupiter/Uranus in Sagittarius on the cusp of the 3rd). She might have gotten lost (South Node conjunct Neptune) in her thinking (3rd house) regarding religion (Sagittarius) or run afoul of authority for being too ahead of her time (Sun trine Uranus). But there is also a strong teacher component to her life path. She is learning to serve and enrich the higher minds of others through her everyday work. Also that North Node in the 9th house tells me that she’s come here in this life to literally expand her own mind and her reach. Bunny needs to travel far, both literally and figuratively, to find the facts and knowledge that will sustain her life’s work. It’s like she’s here to do her graduate work.

She also has family/mother/father karma. Her Libra Moon in the 12th and it rules her 10th house of authority, traditionally associated with the father. Saturn (father, authority, karmic lessons) is the ruler of the 4th house of home and family and it is conjunct Pluto in the 1st. There is a fair amount of tension between the self and family. Was the home a battle ground? Not a fun place? That Saturn/Pluto conjunction in addition to that Chiron quincunx in the 8th house shows that Bunny is also learning powerful soul lessons regarding transformation via the darker side of life. And by darker I mean sex, death, and the kind of love that scars and scorches. To learn lessons about nurturing and being a nurturer to the world (Cancer on the 10th house cusp; Moon conjunct Ascendant) there first has to be a lack or a wound that pushes Bunny towards her destiny.

Future Trends

Looking at Bunny’s chart and seeing how things are getting ready to shake out, I get the image of a car with it’s oil like flashing on. Bunny looks at the date on her oil change window sticker, noticing that it’s time to get it changed. But she figures getting the oil changed every 3,000 miles is merely a guideline and she can probably stretch it out longer. The problem is that if Bunny forgets about it, she risks her car breaking down one day. I paint this picture because Bunny’s Sun is at 7 degrees Aries. Her Ascendant/Descendant is at 11 degrees Libra/Aries. Her MC/IC is at 12 degrees Cancer/Capricorn. Powerful, powerful forces are creeping up to Bunny’s doorstep and she needs to make a decision of how she’s going to work with them.

2011/2012 is going to be a pivotal time for Bunny. Again, the outer planets are getting ready to make contact. She also has her Saturn Return coming up in 2012, with the date of the exact return on October 29th. How perfect — just in time for Halloween, that time when the veil between the two worlds thin and we make contact with forces that are usually hidden. For Bunny, her Saturn lessons surround transformation and letting go in regards to sex, death, identity, self worth, her body, and relationships. From now until her Return, she will feel the urge to do some self maintenance on her life. All this is in preparation for the major changes that will mark her entrance into her 30s.