This month’s winner for my online natal chart reading is Katie. Her birth data is August 20, 1979 at 9:28 am, Des Moines, Iowa, USA. Congratulations, Katie! [Click here for larger chart]


Katie has both her Sun and Moon in Leo with Libra rising. She is personable, social, friendly, creative, and expressive (Leo Sun in 11th house). People are attracted to her warmth, generosity, and charm (Venus conjunct Sun/Jupiter in the 11th in Leo; Libra ascendant). Katie is naturally oriented towards having lots of friends and being involved in group activities, but groups where she can be the leader or center of attention (Sun in the 11th).

Running somewhat counter is a distinctly Plutonian/Uranian strain within her personality. She can come across as very dominant, especially while communicating (Pluto in the 1st house square Mars in 10th; Uranus, 5th house ruler in Scorpio; Scorpio on 3rd house cusp). Mars up there in the 10th squaring the ascendant/descendant is fuel for ambition. Her Sun/Mercury conjunction square Uranus also fosters a restless mind that can be all over the place. And while it may be a wide aspect, Mars trine Uranus definitely amps up that restless energy. This is someone who would benefit from regular exercise in order to work with that strong Pluto/Uranus/Mars energy.

Katie is likely to be highly creative with such an emphasis on Leo in her chart. This favors art, design, drama, acting, and other forms of creative expression, including writing (Moon, ruler of the 10th, conjunct Mercury; Wide Sun/Venus/Jupiter trine to Neptune). It’s important that her career is something that she loves. Cancer on the MC and Pisces on the 6th house means that there must be heart in what she does as she’s providing nurturing to the world.

In all, with the ruler of the Midheaven in the 10th house in addition to Mars there, Katie is surely career driven. Accomplishment and status is something she values. Her partner in life will likely be someone who helps her gain status or career (Mars, 7th house ruler, in the 10th). And being in a relationship is something that is very important for Katie, which Saturn’s transit through Libra a little difficult because it will make her redefine what she wants out of a partner.

Past Lives, Karma & Healing

Katie comes from a past life that was marked by everyday service, issues of health, and duty — duty to a family or her family and the wealth and power surrounding this life. She was a servant to the rigors of everyday life, although probably not a literal servant because Chiron, the 12th house co-ruler, is in Taurus, the sign of nice digs. Mercury, the other co-ruler of the 12th, is in Leo, another sign that is pleasure oriented. Mercury is conjunct the Moon, the ruler of Katie’s 10th house. This all speaks to a past life of status and wealth, but one that did not escape the rigors of daily life.

Katie was also likely someone who went against the grain, flaunting societal and family mores about what it means to be a woman and a mother (Mercury, 12th house co-ruler in the 11th conjunct the Moon). In fact with such a 11th house/Uranian emphasis in the chart, she was someone who was surely ahead of her time. But this is the sort of thing that would have gotten Katie in trouble and I get the sense that she paid dearly with that Uranus in the 2nd house opposite Chiron. This is an upset of personal resources and this may play out in Katie’s current life by a sense of money being there one moment and not the next or a fear that one day everything can suddenly change. Maybe she experiences swings in her income in her current life, echoing her experiences in her last?

Katie’s South Node is in Pisces. Her soul is evolving from a place of being disconnected in some way from mundane life, whether through artistic expression or altered states of consciousness. Perhaps she was an artist of some variety? With an emphasis on Virgo and the 6th house, any health concerns in this life have karmic roots in the past. Opposite from the South Node is the North Node in Virgo in the 12th house conjunct Saturn. She is learning to become her own spiritual authority in this lifetime because being an authority is karmic for her. She must take initiative towards looking into her karmic closet and seeing what lurks beneath her surface in those murky depths of inarticulate emotions and memories. This is a lifetime spent delving into her spiritual core and cleaning out (Virgo) what no longer serves her on an energetic and spiritual level (12th house).

When Saturn is in the 12th house, it can make for an omnipresent heavy energy. The question of God/Deva/Allah/Universe is not taken lightly. Deep questions weigh on the ego and, especially at the time of Katie’s Saturn Return, she would have been asking, What does it all mean? She may not know it, but she’s on a spiritual quest to answer these questions for herself. Virgo North Node in the 12th house conjunct Saturn says develop a spiritual practice and authority that is integrated into the everyday, whether it’s through diet or the mundane activities of life. Virgo says be a teacher of this spirituality through daily practice.

Saturn is also her 4th house ruler, the house of the family and our roots. This speaks of family karma. There may have been a burden inherited or something inherited that needs to be healed or addressed. This inheritance — physical or psychological — may also mirror scenarios from a past life that have repeated to provide healing opportunities in this life time.

Future Trends

Like almost all of my previous winners of my monthly drawing, Katie is in the crux of some major changes, especially with all her chart angles at 1 degrees of the cardinal signs (Libra, Capricorn, Aries, Cancer). So what does this mean? It means that her life has probably been in some sort of upheaval since 2007 starting with her Saturn Return and moving into Pluto activating her chart angles. This would have ushered in themes of loss, transformation, going down into the underworld in order to re-emerge. The question for Katie is, What have you been forced to let go of since 2008?

While I don’t work with tarot cards on this blog, I do work with them for myself on a daily basis and I pulled one for Katie. It was the 9 of Swords and this speaks to someone who is caught up in deeply rooted fears and worries regarding change, so much that they literally keep the person up at night. If I were under the same outer planet transits, I would be very anxious over life because these are massive changes affecting every corner of Katie’s life — home, self, other people, and career. If she is indeed experiencing this level of anxiety, I would recommend that she make sure her support system is strong at this time. Even some Rescue Remedy wouldn’t hurt as it eases anxieties and promotes emotional wellness.

I’m curious to know if Katie has experienced any career changes. She seems to be getting it from all angles — transiting Uranus trine her Moon, which is her career ruler and transiting Pluto square the MC. Her progressed MC is even at 0 degrees Leo. What does this mean? It means that her status has undergone a change and her career is taking on a Leo flavor, suggesting someone who needs to get out into the world and make a name for herself. [Click here for progressed chart]

As with everything, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, Katie will be experiencing some very nice Jupiter transits during 2011. If she has been feeling down at all, transiting Jupiter in the 7th house could turn focus towards partnerships. And transiting Jupiter trine all her Leo planets over the next year will give her a lift. This time next year, her progressed Moon will be out of her 12th house by the end of 2010, making life decidedly less murky and confusing. Uranus also moving into a long period of trines to her Leo planets means that Katie is entering a life phase of liberation, discovering aspects of herself that have long been hidden or suppressed.