This month’s winner for my online natal chart reading is Lyn. Her natal data is November 14, 1982, 12:46 am, Tacoma, Washington, USA. Congratulations, Lyn! [Click here for larger chart]

There are no such things as coincidences and it is no coincidence that this month’s randomly selected winner is on the cusp of major life changes much like last month’s winner. Like energy attracts like after all. One of the similarities is that Lyn too is in the run up to her Saturn Return taking place in Libra in the 2nd house.

To quote myself, “the 29th birthday roughly corresponds with the Saturn Return, which gets its name from the time it takes the planet Saturn to make one orbit around the sun and return to the natal degree. In plain English, Saturn comes back in the same ol’ spot it was in the heavens when you were born — same zodiac sign and degree — and it’s a right of passage 30 years in the making. Astrologers view this time as the start of adulthood and major milestones happen around the 29th/30th birthday.”

The exact dates of Lyn’s Return will be January 2, 2012; March 16, 2012; and September 21, 2012 — dates worth marking down in the calendar as they will likely correspond with themes of ending, maturation, and new beginnings. Lyn may even have a bit of a Saturn Return hangover since the ringed planet, after it makes its Return, will hit all her Scorpio planets, one by one, starting at the end of 2012 and lasting into 2014. This is going to make for one super concentrated time of re-evalution and restructuring. And since it’s going to be in Scorpio, Saturn’s whip is going to sting.

Something I’ve noticed with those born in 1982, specifically those with the close Saturn/Pluto conjunction in their natal charts, is that wherever this conjunction falls by house tends to be a battle ground. Yes, natal Saturn/Pluto contacts don’t have to be all doom and gloom, but the two energies together show where we’re fighting for our survival and dominance. Lyn has this conjunction, tightly so, in her 2nd house of security, stability, and comfort. She has likely been fighting all her life for solid ground and a patch of earth to call her own.

When Saturn transits this natal conjunction at the time of her Return, all these deep (Pluto) fears (Saturn) about security (2nd house) will come to the forefront. Because the 2nd house also rules personal income, this time may also highlight fears regarding wealth and resources. Does she have enough? Has she been carrying too much debt? What is her self worth? And what does she truly value?

One of the first things I noticed about Lyn’s chart — apart from her packed 3rd house (more on that soon) — is Uranus smack dab on her 4th house cusp. This is the foundation for any chart and representative of our foundation in life. With Uranus here, it’s hard to put down roots for too long. Restless, she may travel long distances or experience many different cultures (Uranus in Sagittarius) in search a place to call home (4th house cusp aka the IC). And with Uranus ruling her 6th house of daily work, it very well could be that Lyn travels or moves a lot for her job.

Again we see that pattern of movement in her active 3rd house of writing, communication, short distance travel, and siblings, revealing someone who is always on the go both physically and mentally. Lyn has an chatty and penetrating mind — the sort of person you want on your side when trying to uncover lost and hidden data. The study of occult knowledge is favored and she may find tarot an interesting way to divine information for personal use. With such a lean towards Scorpio, she may be interested in any form of communication that allows her to go beyond the veil. In past lives Lyn may have participated or even led seances.

If there is a downside to all this Scorpio/3rd house energy, it’s that her Virgo ascendant/Mercury in Scorpio can make her obsess about the details and not see the forest for the trees. Indeed with six of her planets in the 3rd house, Gemini on her 10th house cusp, and it’s ruler in the 3rd, much of Lyn’s life and career is going to center on communication and the gathering of information. But one can’t forget that flighty Gemini and serious Scorpio don’t always mix well. There could be a push-pull energy in Lyn’s life — one day she’s totally in the zone and another she’s scattered in a million pieces, multi-tasking to the extreme.

I also can’t fail to mention that Chiron in Taurus opposition that’s pulling against her Scorpio planets along the 9th house/3rd house axis — specifically that strong yet poignant Venus opposition that’s only off by a degree. With the previously mentioned Uranus in Sagittarius and restless energy of the chart, I get this image of someone wandering the world in order to heal or find the unifying element to all her scattered parts. With all her travels, both local and beyond, Lyn is on a healing quest to take everything she knows, every scrap of disparate information, and put it towards a larger picture. What are ideas without philosophy; thoughts without belief? Chiron in the 9th speaks of someone earliest wounds centered on faith and feeling good enough in the eyes of God.

2010 onwards will be a time of great change. Her progressed angles are all in the final degree of the mutable signs. That’s like a clock that’s at 11:59 pm on New Year’s Eve, building up tension towards the new year. The change to 0 degrees cardinal will happen in January 2011 and will conveniently line up with the Cardinal Climax, revealing changes in direction regarding self, home, relationships, and career. This means that her growth — her evolution as a soul — will tie in with the major energetic shifts that are happening right now. The Cardinal Climax is also putting stress on her nodal axis, making sure that she’s getting down to business with what she came here in this lifetime to do. Five years from now her progressed 10th house cusp is going to line up with her north node in Cancer, which could be a time of assuming leadership and being powerfully aligned with her destiny. Her Saturn work is preparing her for that day.