This month’s winner for my online natal chart reading is Shannon. Her birth data is April 10, 1980, 11:09 am, Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Congratulations, Shannon! [Click here for larger chart]

I’ve been talking recently about the Cardinal Climax and how many of us are feeling the pressure to transform. Those who are feeling this energy the most have been people with planets and angles in the early cardinal degrees. And just to recap, the cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. The first degree of each of those signs is associated with the change of seasons, therefore when the outer planets transit these degrees, we can experience quite a bit of change, like we are turning a corner from one season to the next.

Shannon has surely been feeling this shift, most notably along the personal versus public, home versus career axis. If you look at her chart, her MC/IC — one of the two major axes in the chart — is at 29 degrees 33 minutes of Pisces. That’s just a hair shy of being at 0 degrees Aries, which is close enough that if her birth time is off by a couple of minutes, she could have a Aries MC, and one that points to spending a career in the public eye. Regardless, this puts a big spotlight on work right now in Shannon’s life. Caught in the angles of the Cardinal Climax, the question, Shannon, is how do you want to transform your career? And, is your career serving your soul’s highest good?

Let’s back up a sec because I want to take a look at the core of Shannon and the sort of karmic lessons she brought from other lives. In this lifetime, the name of the game is finding stability. Shannon is fighter, even if it’s disguised behind her Cancer ascendant, and she’s a fighter for her fellow man, but Shannon needs to learn that a warrior is only as good as the ground she stands upon. If it is rocky or uneven, she then expends too much energy towards keeping her equilibrium and not enough towards the battle at hand. Therefore she needs to really question the earth beneath her feet. Is it solid or is it ever shifting?

This brings me to Shannon’s additional karmic lessons. She is learning to strike a balance between serving others (Neptune in the 6th house; 12th house ruler in Pisces square Neptune) and nurturing a healthy ego and her integral sense of self worth (6th house ruler, Jupiter, conjunct North Node in the 2nd house, cusp of 3rd). She’s also learning to make her own wealth instead of relying on the resources of others. With the North Node in the 2nd house conjunct Jupiter, she gets encouragement from the Universe to experience the finer things in life — it’s just all about balance and learning what she truly values.

Saturn, The Lord of Karma himself, is in the 3rd house of communication opposite Mercury in the 9th. Picking up this theme, Gemini rules the 12th house and speaks of karma surrounding words, ideas, and beliefs. The square to Neptune hints that some sort of miscommunication or abuse of ideas in a previous life, which would have been reflected in this life with problems in schooling or speech. There could have even been burdens with siblings. At the time of Shannon’s Saturn Return in 2008/2009, these past life issues would have re-emerged, reminding Shannon of the one place she’s committed to work hard and reform — her mind.

Now let’s take a look at that Aries Sun of Shannon’s up there in the 10th house of career and public standing. This gives her natural leadership abilities, but her Sun is caught in a juicy, if not a little intimidating, opposition to Pluto in the 4th house. This aspect forms an almost exact cardinal grand cross with her ascendant/descendant axis. It like spending life always in the cross hairs. Everything feels like a battle and I suspect that Shannon is someone who struggles to balance who she is and who she attracts versus perhaps what her family and even society dictates for her. She may have leadership qualities, but she really has to assert herself first and find her voice.

Success for Shannon comes when she puts herself first, even when she’s fighting for others. Again, her 10th house, the section of her chart relating to career, has Pisces on the cusp — just barely — and its ruler is Neptune in the 6th house of daily work and service. Maybe she’s a legal aid lawyer or someone who is an activist or works for a non-profit. Whatever her job is, her chart says that service to mankind and social welfare needs to play a role. If she’s not volunteering or doing something charitable, Neptune will always trip her up.

As I said initially, it’s quite possible that Shannon has been undergoing changes to her career in addition to changes to the home. Her MC/IC axis is in the hot zone. With Uranus sitting right on top of her MC — the gateway to her 10th house — Shannon is surely feeling some major changes and shake ups. Maybe she even wants to work in a completely different field? Her progressed Moon is also in the 10th house, doubling this focus on career. [Click here for progressed chart]

Transiting Saturn on the opposite end of her chart has entered her 4th house of home and it’s possible that she made a major move last October/November or is in the midst of one now. Saturn entering the 4th house by transit speaks to putting great effort towards putting down roots or the foundation that will serve us for the next Saturn cycle. Pluto in the 4th house natally shows that the home environment was not always a fun place growing up, so Saturn transiting this area show where she can really create a home that someone with such 2nd house emphasis in their chart can love. With so much of Shannon’s chart pointing towards career, it would be nice for her to have a soft place to land.

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