Ed. — I originally posted this on my Facebook page the morning of the election in the United States. I had initially resisted making a prediction on the election, but felt compelled to craft a response in light of the benefit in discussing how progressions can be used to make informed predictions. And by predictions I mean taking stock of the themes unfolding at anytime in someone’s life — themes that set the tone for different chapters whether they are for success, struggle, or loss.

I’ve archived my thoughts below with minor grammatical edits.

So here are my thoughts on the US election with a caveat. One, probably like most of you, I have a deep dislike of the polarity fueling politics of late; it’s energetically toxic to me. And I’m assuming the extreme polarity is not just a US thing? (But I digress.) Two, I’ve resisted going out on a limb and making a straight up prediction about who is going to win the election because sometimes it’s not as simple as who has the better transits. That said, let’s look at the charts! (All four are posted in this link for reference.)

President Obama has what we’d astrologers call a AA rated chart. This means we have his birth certificate and thus an accurate birth time. He was born August 4, 1961 at 7:24 pm, Honolulu, HI. He is a 6th House Leo Sun, Aquarius rising, Moon in Gemini.

Mitt Romney, on the other hand, has an A rated chart. His birth time comes from memory. Either he was asked directly by someone gathering the data or an aide asked him. Just keep this in mind because the birth time could be off without the birth certificate. And an off time could skew a prediction. Nevertheless, Romney was born March 12, 1947 at 9:51 am, Detroit, Michigan. He’s an 11th House Pisces Sun, Gemini rising, and Moon in Scorpio.

When trying to predict what’s going to happen in someone’s life, you not only look at the natal chart and transits, you also look at the progressed chart. It gives you the theme of what’s going on in a person’s life. Is the theme one of personal achievement? Loss? New beginnings? Success? Or soul searching? You look at the progressed Moon and the progressed lunar cycle. You also look to Saturn, the MC (career, status, high point), and other supportive factors that would tip the prediction towards a win versus a loss.

Here’s the thing. Neither charts are a slam dunk. They both have plusses and minuses going on. But Romney’s chart has always given me pause because it’s getting some heavy Neptune transits. Romney is a Pisces, Sun at 21 degrees, and his Mars is at 6 Pisces. Neptune is transiting his 10th House and squaring his ASC. His progressed Moon (provided the birth time is accurate) is about to enter his 12th (loss, lack of visibility, soul searching, release, spirituality). Plus his progressed lunar cycle is balsamic. These are not transits that equate coming to the top of one’s career let alone the achievement of a long sought goal. If I were Romney’s astrologer, these sort of transits and progressions would really give me pause. Furthermore, Romney is experiencing his opening Saturn Square after his second Saturn Return. And Saturn is squaring his Aquarius MC. Remember, Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius. Oh and I’m not impressed that his progressed Sun in Taurus will conjunct fixed star Algol next year. Ouch.

If there is anything going for Romney, it’s that his progressed ASC just went into regal Leo. His progressed Moon in Aries is about to conjunct his progressed MC in Aries and it is trining natal Pluto in Leo. And Mars, the ruler of his progressed MC, is strongly placed in Aries and in the progressed 10th. Curiously, his progressed MC degree is conjunct the US’s Saturn. Is this enough to win the election and the White House? Guess we’ll find out.

On the other hand, I think Obama has the better transits and progressions. The transiting North Node in Scorpio is conjunct his MC, Saturn in Scorpio is approaching his MC indicating reaching a time of career achievement, and a very supportive progressed Moon in Aries trine natal Sun in Leo. And his progressed lunar phase is disseminating, which indicates a time of visibility and engaging with the world. I also like that the transiting Jupiter/Venus trine is nicely picking up his natal Sun in Leo. But I think what is most intriguing is that Obama’s progressed MC and 10th House is Capricorn, the sign of government, authority, and the sort of achievement that comes with hard work. The ruler of the progressed MC is Saturn. It’s in Capricorn conjunct Jupiter (this is known as the Grand Conjunction) in this progressed 10th. This is someone at the high point of their career and it speaks to leadership and government. Furthermore, both planets are stationary by progression (Jupiter just flipped direct and Saturn is about to) and therefore really strong influences. One more thing to note, Obama’s progressed Sun in Libra is about to conjunct the MC in the Sibly Chart. But if Obama wins, that progressed Saturn is tightly squaring progressed Mars in Libra on his progressed DSC in Libra. He’s going to have a lot of people who are not pleased with his win and not just people in the US. This is an aspect that speaks to conflict and “open enemies”. His progressed Moon in Aries will trigger this square in May 2013.

So there you go. I think the astrology is stronger for Obama providing the data is correct for Romney. Would I bet money on it? No, but I’m not a gambling gal. However if both were my clients, this is what I’d say to them as objectively as possible.

Some astrologers are basing their predictions solely on the Sibly Chart — a rectified natal chart for the “birth” of the United States — but I would caution against that. I think you can use the Sibly Chart to corroborate what’s going on in both candidate’s charts, but not to use as a sole point of prediction. Just my two cents.