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Cleansing the Energy of Your Home

Bundles of Sage

You can use sage to clear energy, as seen above, but I prefer burning epsom salts.

Imagine you’ve walked into the home of someone you’ve just met. There’s clutter everywhere, nothing is organized, and it’s physically hard to navigate between rooms because of furniture and stuff piled everywhere. How would you imagine the energy of that home feels? Unpleasant? Stagnant? Dense? The energy can’t move because we have a hard time moving in the house. It accumulates everywhere much like the stuff piled on every surface. The energy feels low and inhospitable. Worse, if household is prone to fights and outbursts, the emotional energy can get stuck in the house.

Now imagine you’ve walked into the same home, except the person has moved out. Once busting with clutter, the rooms are now clear of any physical trace of the previous inhabitants. How would the space feel to you? Would you want to move your stuff right in? This is the moment where you trust your gut. If the space doesn’t feel right intuitively — if it still feels low, dense, dark, stagnant, unwelcoming — it’s time to clear the energy, which lingers long after the physical stuff has moved.

Most people have heard of burning sage leaves or smudging a smoking sage bundle throughout the house. While burning sage is a great way to clear energy, it’s not my personal favorite. For one, sage produces a very strong smell. Also, it doesn’t burn clean. I instead prefer to burn Epsom salts, which is a trick I learned from Denise Linn in her book, Sacred Space. This is a great purification ceremony for someone who has not only just moved into a new home, but someone who wants to clear the energy of their current home.

Doing a salt burn is a powerful tool, but it also demands a level of great care that comes with working with fire. The instructions below paraphrase what I learned from Linn, but the warnings and cautions are very much my own. Safety first!

How To Do an Epsom Salt Burn

You will need:

  • A heat safe bowl such as Pyrex or an old coffee mug
  • Isopropyl rubbing alcohol (high percentage alcohol) aka surgical spirits
  • Epsom salts
  • A long stemmed match or taper
  • A pot lid or something that can quickly extinguish the fire if it gets out of hand

Place 1/4 cup of Epsom salts into your heat safe vessel. If you’re using a bowl, make sure the surface beneath the bowl will not be damaged by heat. I personally use a Pyrex measuring cup that I can hold by the handle and carry through the rooms of my house.

Gently pour isopropyl rubbing alcohol/surgical spirits onto the salts. You want your salts to be damp, not soaking. If you’ve poured too much alcohol, add a little more salt. If you try to light the salts and the flame burns weakly, you’ve added too little alcohol. The ratio is about 2:1 Epsom salts to alcohol. Take caution you’ve not accidentally poured alcohol on your hands or clothes.

Make sure everyone at home is part of this ceremony. There should be a firm intention to clear through any stagnant energy. Ask for assistance from your guides, angels, ancestors, or God.

Open windows to assist old energy in leaving the home.

When you’re ready to begin, light a long stemmed match or taper. Touch the flame to the salt/alcohol mixture. It will instantaneously ignite and burn blue with a little bit of yellow flame. If you’re getting too much yellow flame, you’ve put too much alcohol into the mixture. If you feel as if the flame is burning unsafely high, smother it with a pot lid, which will extinguish it. Add a little more salt to the mixture and try again. The good thing about the burn is that there’s no smells or smoke.

When you’ve successfully lit the salts, imagine the blue flame eating up all the dense, stagnant, and negative energy. Affirm that it’s leaving the home. The flame will burn as long as it has to and when it is done will simply sputter out. If your vessel can be carried safely through out the house, move through each room you want to clear, affirming again that dense energy is leaving the home.

Afterward, discard the cooled salt down the toilet to flush away negative energy. Say a prayer of thanks to your deity of choice or spirit protector for helping you clear the energy of your home. Ask that the energy be sent back to source with love and forgiveness.

The results of this cleansing ceremony are immediate and powerful. Sounds are sharper and clearer and the energy feels lighter.

Good luck and be safe!

23 Responses to “Cleansing the Energy of Your Home”

  1. abbee

    Er, that sounds complex, & I’m rather scared of lighting up stuff in the house except for my tealight candles. :(

  2. Katie

    It’s not terribly complex, but I understand if it’s not for you :-) Working with fire is not for everyone. Another option is working with sound, such as a tuning fork, crystal bowls, and bells.

  3. millie

    It sounds incredible. I’m going to do it! My husband has finally moved out of our home and I can’t wait to really make it my own.

    Thank you!

  4. JoAnne

    Thank for your information. I agree burning sage can give you headache. Do you think Sea Salt works just as fine? Since Epsom salt is not easily available in Japan, I thought of asking you.

  5. Katie

    Hi JoAnne, that is a good question. I’ve never used another substance before and the original instructions were for epsom salts. Certainly worth trying, but epsom salts are chemically different since it’s magnesium sulfate instead of (mostly) sodium chloride. Maybe sea salt wouldn’t produce the same results.

  6. Rick

    Great idea !

    My wife has finally moved out with most of her psychic baggage.

    She never fully owned that she had been carrying stuff for 40 years, tho it was obvious to all her friends. {May she find peace.}

    We survivors will appreciate this additional purification

  7. Klauren

    I know this post is a little old, but I’m really excited about trying this out. I feel like there’s been a huge build-up of negative energy in my parent’s house ever since my dad died, which is over 12 years ago now. There have been physical manifestations of this, my mom is a bit of a hoarder and has just recently started trying to get rid of the junk, make efforts to sell the house and start doing things again. Meanwhile, my brother and I grew up in this kind of environment that seemed to get more toxic every year with emotional outbursts, fighting becoming frequent especially when I was and now that he is an adolescent. I’m really hoping that this can help tie us together in a positive way. We’re all living under the same roof again for the first time in a few years, but it’s still hard since we are literally trying to move through so much old clutter and baggage. I’m hoping that we can do this together and try to cut down on the negative energy, like a fresh start for us, and that it will hopefully help speed the de-cluttering of the house and ultimately the sale of it too.

  8. Katie

    Hi Klauren,

    A great response on a post that still has relevance despite its age. If 2012 is about anything, it is about releasing the baggage of the past. I am so glad to hear that your family is taking steps to release and release together. How lovely would it be if you all gathered and lit some epsom salts with the shared intention of letting some of this stagnant energy go? Note that you might have to do it a couple of times, especially as your mom gets rid of more junk and that energy gets stirred up.

  9. Michele

    Amazingly I have Denise’s book and I have taken her soul coaching classes with Patti Allen (who is a Dream Expert and more… she is also on my fb) and I live in an older home and had many different occurrences over this year… I saged, my house is now feng shui by Roshandra Simon (also on fb) and now I am going to use this method to start the Jewish New Year off with a clear and clean home…. I am a fb friend of yours and so I also follow the new and full moon as well. Thank you for this informative information. Denise has been mentioned several times this year through different fb sources… She is so lovely!!!!

    Everyone have a wonderful day!

    Michele Nash

  10. crystal

    Wow, thank you for posting, I am moving home on Thursday (20.12.2012) and always like to clear the energy of a new home before settling in it. Especially as the 21.12.2012 holds some sort of purification energy with it, this would be the perfect opportunity to try this! ean you tell me where to get isopropol – I live in the UK so perhaps its named something else here. For those of you who struggle to get hold of decent quantities of Epsom salts, eBay is a good option, they sell small amounts up to 20kg on eBay, I’ve bought quite a lot and scattered it in my bath and around the home and that alone has been very effective.

  11. Katie

    Good luck, Crystal! Isopropol would be rubbing alcohol aka surgical spirit. Basically the sort of stuff you’d find in a chemist to disinfect wounds and sterilize equipment. Hopefully this helps! Epsom salts (aka magnesium sulfate) are easily found in chemists here in the US.

  12. Dan

    it is incredible and the effects/differences are felt immediately although i did get the alcohol/salt ratio a little out of balanced my flame was yellowish so will try agasin tonight but very very effective :)

  13. Katie Sweetman

    That’s great, Dan. A little bit of yellowish flame is actually okay. I originally wrote a caution against it because I didn’t want people accidentally setting something on fire. Good luck! It’s a powerful tool.

  14. Keifer Gajadhar

    Always saw Theresa Caputo use sage on her reality series ‘Long Island Medium’. Didn’t know you could use Epsom salt! Perfect, can’t wait to cleanse my personal space and home!!!

  15. gifted88

    Hi I’m living in a block of flats and the people above my head are very dark and creepy when they walk around it creates confusion and I can’t always focus, I feel like their goal daily is to attack me because I am not like them. When I burn salt (not in your way) and keep sending love to myself and keep positive feelings they go quiet and tip toe around, when the negative energy builds again they get louder. I notice that they have certain visitors who bring in something odd with them, this energy that comes into the block with them causes it to feel creepy silent lifeless and.dead. so it is hard work when you have to keep doing rituals because you have a bunch of insecure damages individuals who don’t like your positive presence. I also know when they get agitated when whatever they are sending my way spiritually does not work, it feels like it has a rebound affect. The only time they get to me is when after a while their energy wears at me but that’s where I have learned to not sit in it, analyse it, and cry. The real solutions are to move away and get away but sometimes you are unable to do that immediately. What are your thoughts ? Namaste

  16. roxanne

    should I flush the salt if I have a septic tank, it is really not carried anywhere back on to the property

  17. Katie Sweetman

    That’s a good question, Roxanne, and one I don’t know the answer to. I never had a septic tank, but know that they have certain restrictions over what you can put in it.

  18. Ghisus

    It’s okay to flush salts down the toilet even if you have a septic tank. Just don’t flush a pound a day or anything excessive.

    Katie, What about using camphor?

  19. Katie Sweetman

    I’ve never used camphor, but it’s my feeling that it’s best to use epsom salts.

  20. Picao Phoenix

    My roommate and I did this in the center of our living room this evening, we both got goosebumps—in a good way. We both prayed our mutual good intentions for each other and the space as we prepared the ingredients. The cool part was how high the flame burned, yet, when it was done it was done….it didn’t slowly peter out it literally just stopped completely as if to say “all clear”. The difference is noticeable!

  21. Charmaine

    Is it true that Epsom salts and surgical spirits burn clear and only if there is presence of negativity will there be a black color

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