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Jupiter in Scorpio: Sign by Sign

After a year long trip through Libra, Jupiter moves onto edgy Scorpio, the sign of wealth, intimacy, and trust. If Jupiter is the planet of exploration, then we’re moving through Scorpio’s darker emotional themes over the coming year.

Photo by Chirobocea Nicu. CC0 – PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Jupiter in Libra

After spending the last year pushing us to work hard and grow through service — not to mention getting healthy and organized —Jupiter trades Virgo for Libra. If Jupiter is faith and wisdom gained through life’s experiences, then Libra will bring a leap to connect.

Photo by Lauren Mancke. CC0 – PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Jupiter in Virgo

If Jupiter in Leo was all about fun, creativity, and self expression, Virgo, by contrast, couldn’t be more different. It’s humble, exacting, pragmatic … and loves a good spreadsheet.

The lion is the symbol for Leo.

Jupiter in Leo

What a year it’s been. Amirite?! I know it’s hard to believe there might be a bright spot amidst all this dark personal transformation, but indeed there is. Jupiter, the planet of faith, miracles, growth, and adventure will change signs from Cancer to Leo on July 16, 2014. Why is this […]

The author poolside, nourishing her natal Moon with words and travel.

A Lunar Feast: Transits of Jupiter to the Moon

Astrology is the measurement of time against the movement of the planets. While the birth chart remains a static point of reference, the slower moving outer planets — Jupiter and beyond — act as chapter markers in an unfolding journey. One has to only look at important conjunctions, squares, and […]