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March 2016 Horoscopes

I’m fascinated by astrology and this idea of metaphorical time. When the Sun is in Pisces, as it is for most of March, the cosmic weather shifts. It gets hazy and damp with a dash of glitter. We also experience life through the prism of compassion, sensitivity, spirituality, and reflection […]

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February 2016 Horoscopes

February is Aquarius season, a time when we look ahead toward the future and think about the bigger picture. Where are we going? What are our goals? What are our hopes and dreams for a better life? There’s a deep humanitarian streak in Aquarius, a sign that shines the light […]

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January 2016 Horoscopes

This is Saturn season, the time of the year when the Sun spans the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius — both Saturn ruled. Capricorn is the descent of spirit into matter; Aquarius is the ascent of matter back to spirit. When we’re working through these two signs, it’s all about the physical […]

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December 2015 Horoscopes

December is Sagittarius season, a time when we look toward the horizon, cast our arrows toward a better future, and set off in search of adventure. With Jupiter over in Virgo, this month will open up opportunities for service, order, craft, and purity. How will we channel Sagittarius’s enthusiasm? Toward helping others as well as compassion […]

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November 2015 Horoscopes

Welcome to Scorpio season, our annual descent into the underworld where we get to examine and catalog all of the things that make us uncomfortable. See, that’s Scorpio’s job, to dig into the tender areas and reveal the hidden. Scorpio is alchemy, magic, transformation, and our connection to the astral […]

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October 2015 Horoscopes

After all the planetary shifts over the past six weeks, we’re definitely in new territory this month. Can you feel it? On top of that, October is Libra season, a time when we look at themes of balance and harmony. As a result, we may be taking a look at what needs […]

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September 2015 Horoscopes

Change is afoot! Any time you have an eclipse — and we’ll have two this month — you know that one narrative will end and another will begin. The solar eclipse on September 13 will set us on a new six month course, bringing to a close one that began with […]

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August 2015 Horoscopes

Here comes the Sun! August is all about Leo, a sign that wouldn’t want it any other way. Leo is the king, the artist, the larger than life presence that is often channeled into performance and drama. While Leo may be a natural for the stage, it’s ultimately a sign […]

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July 2015 Horoscopes

July is Cancer season, a time when the Sun shines a light on all things home, family, care, and nurturing. Cancer is the ocean, feelings, and security. It’s also a sign that has a strong emotional connection to the past. So it seems fitting, perhaps uncomfortably so, that our swim through the waters of Cancer […]

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June 2015 Horoscopes

Months are rarely self contained entities. They include bits of narrative that stretch out days or even weeks before. June, for the most part, feels like a transitional month, a time when we’re wrapping things up instead of starting fresh, and taking a deep look at the past. Even Mercury, […]

Peonies are one of my favorite flowers. You know, in case you were wondering.

May 2015 Horoscopes

May is Taurus season, the time of the year when we celebrate the bounty of the physical world, from wealth and resources to the earth in full bloom — especially for those here in the northern hemisphere. May also aligns with the ancient festival of Beltane or May Day. Think […]

The Uranus/Pluto square is gone but not forgotten this month.

April 2015 Horoscopes

Although we’ve officially said goodbye to the last Uranus/Pluto square, its deeply transformative energy still lingers, rattling like a storm. True, its intensity lessens and lessens each day, but we still feel it, from its push to make major changes to the sense that life has lead us into the […]