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Astro Daily: March 25, 2016

Saturn is the planet of time. Taking 29 years to revolve around the Sun, Saturn speaks to chapters that last years. When it enters a new zodiac sign, as it did back in September 2015, the big hand on the clock signals a new hour for the world. So, what […]

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Lunar Eclipse in Libra: Sign by Sign

The Libra Full Moon eclipse on March 23 packed a bit of a energetic punch. But what will it activate in your chart? Read for your Sun and rising sign. Aries and Aries Rising — Relationships, partnership, collaboration, other people. Time to make a decision about a relationship or to see things […]

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Astro Daily: March 24, 2016

We may be in eclipse season, a time guaranteed to push buttons, but there’s been a deep emotional undercurrent in the astrology of late in the form of Chiron. Chiron may not be a planet, but it’s a point in the sky — and thus our chart — that reveals […]

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Astro Daily: March 22, 2016

Everything can be used in highest consciousness or lowest, for the light or the dark, to create life … or destroy. The fire element is strong in the sky right now. The Sun is in Aires and Mars, its ruler, is in Sagittarius. This is a dynamic combination that can […]

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Astro Daily: March 21, 2016

Happy birthday Aries! We move from the element water to the element fire. Water is receptive, fire is active. With Mars over in Sagittarius, also a fire sign, we’re ready to launch! Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, teaching us about bravery and leadership. Aries is the spark […]

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Astro Daily: March 18, 2016

Today’s fiery Leo Moon brings some sunshine to an otherwise watery lineup of planets. Remember, we currently have five planets in Pisces. That’s a lot of emphasis on Piscean themes of emotional connection, unity, compassion, sacrifice, and redemption. Plus all these planets are bunching up around the South Node of […]

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Astro Daily: March 17, 2016

Over the last few weeks I’ve been talking a lot about the Pisces archetype, especially its higher expression of compassion and unconditional love. A couple of people pointed that they had a Pisces in their life that was anything but. (I think the word “selfish git” was used. Ah, I […]

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Astro Daily: March 16, 2016

There’s a lot of complicated astrology happening in the skies right now. It’s easy to cherry pick one aspect over another to get a read on things, but when we do we miss out on the big picture. I’ve seen a couple of things written about today’s alignment between Jupiter […]

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Astro Daily: March 15, 2016

Let’s be honest. The astrology right now is, shall we say, a bit watery. Even with the Moon wrapping up its stay in Gemini, an air sign, everything is pretty much pointing back to the five — count ’em — five planets in Pisces. The water signs — Cancer, Scorpio, […]

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Astro Daily: March 14, 2016

As of Saturday, Venus is in Pisces! I actually quite like Venus in Pisces. In classical astrology we say that Venus is exalted in Pisces, which is just a fancy way of saying that it’s a sign that she does her best work in. If Venus is love, value, beauty, […]

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Astro Daily: March 11, 2016

Guys, there’s a LOT of Pisces going on in the sky right now. When Venus gets into Pisces on Saturday, we’ll have five planets in the sign of sensitivity, compassion, artistic inspiration, spirituality, mysticism, and redemption. Toss in the South Node and Ceres, and now we have seven points to […]

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Astro Daily: March 10, 2016

What’s our pain? What deeply emotional story comes up again and again, unfailingly so? Where do we keep ourselves bound? Imprisoned? With Chiron a major player in Tuesday’s solar eclipse, we’re feeling something that we just can’t put our finger on. It gnaws at us. Maybe we’re crying but not […]