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Astro Daily: January 22, 2016

Between Mercury’s line up with Pluto in Capricorn and a face off with the Cancer Moon, we’re in the middle of an energetic storm today. Things have been getting kicked up — old stories, patterns, emotions, some things we’d rather not even see. Here are some things to keep in […]

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Astro Daily: January 21, 2016

Sensitive Cancer Moon day that will highlight the home, family, roots, and feeling. The Moon is actually at home in Cancer, activating a need for emotional security and connection. This is often a time in the lunar month when we pull back, nest, and seek comfort. As I was explaining […]

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Astro Daily: January 20, 2016

Feel like venting? With Mercury making a square to Uranus today and approaching Pluto later this week, we can’t keep it in. Something has to be said, revealed. Additionally we may receive shocking or unexpected news as well as something ignites and inspires. I went into this more in depth […]

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Astro Daily: January 19, 2016

Are you a Gemini or Virgo or have major planets or angles in those signs? Just a heads up — Mercury will be passing through a rocky part of the zodiac over the next week and a half. If you recall, Mercury has been retrograde in Capricorn since early January. […]

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Astro Daily: January 18, 2016

Lazy day alert. With the Moon in Taurus and Venus making a square to Jupiter, it’s all about creature comforts, pleasure, and indulgence. In fact, the Moon will trine Jupiter today, a combo that is both generous and known for wanting more. Are we experiencing too much of a good […]

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Astro Daily: January 15, 2016

We’re half way through January! It’s a good time to take a moment and review your monthly horoscope. Now that we’ve gotten into a powerful new lunar month, you’ll have a different perspective on what I wrote about. (If you know your rising sign, read for it as well as […]

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Astro Daily: January 14, 2016

Back when I wrote about Saturday’s game changing new moon, I proposed that January 13–14 may be time frame when we’re really getting an idea for this lunar month is about. Keep in mind that new moons seed the reality that we experience over the following 28 days (aka the […]

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Astro Daily: January 13, 2016

We talked a little bit yesterday about the trend bucking, eccentric energies of Venus + Uranus. Venus has been in Sagittarius over the past couple of weeks, infusing our experiences of beauty and value with Sagittarian themes of freedom, faith, and the exotic. Uranus is a spark of individuality? But […]

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Astro Daily: January 12, 2016

Between the Moon in wonderfully weird Aquarius and Venus’s line up with Uranus today, I’ve been thinking about non conformity, from trailblazers to artistic geniuses, especially in the light of David Bowie’s death. (For students interested in David Bowie’s natal astrology, he had Aquarius rising with a Saturn/Pluto/Moon stellium in […]

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Astro Daily: January 11, 2016

Happy Monday! We had a powerful Capricorn New Moon that lined up with Pluto and Uranus, setting us up for a lunar month full of twists and turns. Capricorn is the sign of commitment, responsibility, and achievement. Pluto makes us look into our shadow, it helps us rebirth. Uranus is […]

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Astro Daily: January 8, 2016

The Capricorn Moon is shining a light on today’s Venus/Saturn conjunction. If you are a Taurus or a Libra or have a prominent Venus in your chart, you’re feeling this as a weight. Saturn is the planet of authority and under his influence we need to step up, take responsibility, […]

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Astro Daily: January 7, 2016

Does something feel different? Do you feel stirred to make a change? Break free from the old? Set off in a new direction? The Sun and Uranus just finished making a square, an aspect that’s all about motivation. And we couldn’t have had more of an invigorating push to start […]