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Astro Daily: July 7, 2017

Moon arrives in Capricorn and we’re on the cusp of a Capricorn Full Moon. If full moons turn the spotlight on an area of our life, creating crisis or a need for decision, then we’re feeling the weight of time and responsibility with Capricorn.

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Astro Daily: July 6, 2017

Moon in Sagittarius picking up on Saturn and we’ve got serious things to figure out. Is something going to work or not? Do we make a left or a right? Saturn is heavy, but it’s real. Use this energy to recommit or let go.

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Astro Daily: July 5, 2017

The celestial gears are shifting this week. First Venus arrived in Gemini and soon Mercury will trade Cancer for Leo. We’re also in the gate for a powerful Capricorn Full Moon on July 9. With Pluto playing a starring role, something will be irrevocably changed.

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Astro Daily: July 4, 2017

Venus isn’t quite out of Taurus and it’s a holiday here in the United States, so we’re having a cat nap today. The real fireworks start late tonight and into tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy a lazy day and maybe nice meal, too.

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Astro Daily: July 3, 2017

Last day of Venus in Taurus. It’s been four weeks of pleasure, sensuality, and material indulgences. Before we say goodbye, take stock of what has born fruit since June 6 and what is pregnant with possibility.

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Astro Daily: June 30, 2017

One of the questions posed this Cancer Season is, “How are you being nourished?” As a sign that’s closely connected to food and familial love, Cancer is the substance that gives us life. But what if we’re feeding ourselves with the emotions and feelings that don’t support us?

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Astro Daily: June 29, 2017

The Moon is still in Virgo today. Even though Mercury finished its tense face off with Pluto, it’s still not too late to get a deep clean in, even if it’s emotional. After all, it’s Cancer Season, a time when we’re all extra emo. Mars has been turning up the volume.

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Astro Daily: June 28, 2017

If we’ve been tending to our roots this week, then today’s Virgo Moon will a sharp eye for what’s working and what’s not. Like Cancer, Virgo is a sign that’s associated with food — food that heals and purifies. Feed yourself and your life only the best. 

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Astro Daily: June 27, 2017

The Moon may be in Leo, a sign that loves a celebration, but the vibes are heavy. Both Mars and Mercury are making waves in Cancer this week, which means our emotions may be a bit pronounced. Make sure you up your self care game as a result.

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Astro Daily: June 26, 2017

Mars in Cancer building emotional steam this week as it bounces off Jupiter and Pluto. In fact, we’re fresh off a Cancer New Moon. It’s all about how you’re feeding yourself on all levels. This week you may be drawing a line on what nourishing you and what’s not.

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Astro Daily: June 22, 2017

We’re in the dark of the moon, the last day of the lunar month when the light wanes and we’re pulled toward quiet reflection. A lot has happened since the Gemini New Moon on May 25. We made major decisions. Tomorrow we begin again with the Cancer New Moon.

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Astro Daily: June 21, 2017

Welcome to Cancer Season! The Sun’s arrival in a new sign also initiates the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere and winter solstice in the southern. As the first water sign, the element that connects us to our emotions, Cancer is feeling at its most primal.