July 3, 2012 is a high energy day and not because Mars just marched into Libra after a seven month stay in Virgo. We have a Capricorn Full Moon igniting the Uranus/Pluto square at 2:51 pm EDT. (Chart above is set for New York City.) The orbs are a bit loose, yes, but this has the makings of a Grand Cardinal Cross by sign. And since Mars is known to be a trigger, I think a 12 degree orb from the Sun/Moon is well enough to be in play. Cardinal Crosses are literally like being caught in the cross hairs of change.

So what can we learn from this chart?

One, emotions are running high and there is a need to take it easy with this one. Don’t push your agenda; there are forces here at work that far outweigh your own. Mars in aspect to Uranus and Pluto is very accident prone because it is so impatient. Again, take it easy.

Two, think of this as yet another evolutionary push in a long line that have been coming faster and harder this year. The contractions are getting closer. What are we collectively birthing? There’s definitely some creative visioning happening with Venus/Jupiter in Gemini square Neptune/Chiron in Pisces. I think this moon is about clearing away some of the dissonance and really trying to get honest about what we’re manifesting in this world. Yes, a Neptune square is more smoke and mirrors than clarity, but the challenge of a Neptune square is working through the illusion and finding the wisdom to see what is real and what is not.

Three, the Capricorn/Cancer axis is a fundamental one. It’s the father/mother axis, external world versus the home. As there is a lot of evolutionary push with this configuration, this is an auspicious lunation to clear through any family/ancestral patterning that has outlived its usefulness. If you’re doing things because you should do them — because that’s what you were taught to value by your family or your ancestors — then this chart pushes you to do something you want to do, something that is authentic to you and not the baggage and expectations that family and society heaped upon you. I love that Yod with Pluto/Moon sextile Chiron quincunx Mercury in Leo on the MC. Find your VOICE! It is yours and yours alone. Not what your family thinks it should be. Time to break free.