August is Leo season, a time when all of us, regardless of Sun sign, are invited to experience the energies of play, performance, art, and talent. Leo loves a spectacle, so there’s an element of personal display this month. In its purest form, Leo is the sign of the creator, the spark of the divine that resides in each of us and expresses itself through the twelve signs.

That said, all eyes will be on Sagittarius this month. (Sorry, Leo! Sag is stealing your thunder!!) Why? Because not only will Mars return to Sagittarius on August 2, the sign it turned retrograde in back on April 17, but Saturn will turn direct in Sag on August 13 and THEN Mars and Saturn will link up on August 24 for a powerhouse conjunction. See, I told you August was all about Sag.

And what is Sagittarius? Faith, knowledge, and law. Ever since Saturn arrived in the sign back on September 17, 2015, we’ve been on a major search for meaning in our lives. We’ve also had to look at the ugly side of fanaticism and self righteous crusades. In its highest expression Saturn in Sagittarius is pilgrimage, and humble and quiet search for truth. This month will have a big impact on how we see the world, how we see ourselves in the world, and how we define what we believe in. The days around August 24 will really concretize this journey we’ve been on since last year.

Don’t forget, Mercury will turn retrograde on August 30 at 29 Virgo. Just be extra mindful of travel plans and decision making towards the end of the month.

DATES TO NOTE: 8/2 Mars enters Sagittarius, New Moon 10 Leo; 8/5 Venus enters Virgo; 8/6 Mercury square Saturn, Venus square Mars; 8/7 Mercury opposite Neptune; 8/10 Mercury trine Pluto; 8/12 Jupiter opposite Chiron; 8/13 Saturn Direct 9 Sagittarius, Venus square Saturn; 8/14 Venus opposite Neptune; 8/16 Sun trine Uranus; 8/17 Venus trine Pluto; 8/18 Full Moon 25 Aquarius; 8/19 Mercury opposite Chiron; 8/22 Sun enters Virgo, Mercury conjunct Jupiter; 8/24 Mars conjunct Saturn, Venus opposite Chiron; 8/26 Mars square Neptune; 8/27 Venus conjunct Jupiter; 8/29 Venus enters Libra, Mercury conjunct Venus; 8/30 Mercury Retrograde 29 Virgo.


Aries Glyph

Okay, Aries. Mars is back in Sagittarius on August 2, which is great news unless you liked the the last two months of moody introspection. Mars in Sag is a little more your style, if we’re being honest. The next eight weeks will turn you toward foreign travel, exploration, pilgrimage, and higher education. Since Sag is a fire sign, you may feel a return of your action and drive post retrograde. But it’s worth highlighting a couple of things. One, Mars will revisit the stretch of sky that it was in just before it turned retrograde. Be prepared to give one last look at themes or events from March and April. Two, Saturn is in Sagittarius. So for all of Sag’s natural enthusiasm and optimism, August will mean serious business for you, especially around August 13 when Saturn will turn direct. More specifically, you’ll be defining what you believe in, setting off on a major journey, making a commitment to your education, or taking the next step up in your life. Keep a close eye on August 24 and the days around when Saturn will show you where you need to get real, grow up. (Since astrology is all about cycles of time and interweaving narratives, look back to August 2014, the last big step up for you in your maturity.) In other news, the full moon on August 18 will bring a major decision about your future, a friendship, or your place in your community. Do you and the people around you see eye to eye? How will you be ready to step up as a leader this month? Chart a new course for the next two years? Want to learn more about how the astrology of August will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Foreign travel, higher education, specialized study, philosophy, beliefs, worldview, law, search for truth, meaning, graduation, responsibilities, maturity, milestones, endings, beginnings, identity, self, creativity, play, fun, children.


Taurus Glyph

Taurus, with the planets around the bottom of your chart, it’s a natural time of year to look at your foundation in life. What is home for you? What roots are you putting down? How does your home reflect your values, your tastes? The new moon on August 2 will set the stage this month for you to tend to your base as well as create the support for your life and your career. But the big news this month is Saturn and its turn forward on August 13. Ever since last September, you’ve had to take a deep look into your emotional closet, taking out your fears around money, security, intimacy, and the power others have over you. Let’s be real for a moment; Taurus loves comfort, Taurus loves a good time. Do you have bills to prove it? Similarly, who owns you? What does a leap into the unknown look like for you? Saturn is holding you to answer these questions in August. There’s no turning away. So, get out the spreadsheets, the bills, and define how you’ll take back control … and how you’ll finance your ambitions. Saturn’s visit to this part of your chart will also be great for therapy. Maybe August will be the month that you confide in someone to help you navigate the myriad of buried feelings coming up. When Mars connects with Saturn on August 24, it will be time to purge your emotional skeletons. Additionally, this month will turn your sights on career, recognition, and charting a new course in your life. The full moon on August 18 will open a major new chapter professionally. You’ll have a serious decision to make, one that may even involve a partnership. Want to learn more about how the astrology of August will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Roots, home, family, security, emotional connection, safety, money, finance, wealth, debt, taxes, a partner’s money, legacies, benefits, credit, loans, fears, projections, power, control, intimacy, trust, psyche, emotional healing, relationships.


Gemini Glyph

Hey Gemini! Your ruling planet is slowing down this month, turning retrograde at the very end of August. As a result you may be feeling a little sluggish, which is fine because Mercury has you camped out with home and family. Use the the first half of the month to improve your nest, bringing beauty to where you live through home improvement projects. Maybe you’ve moved in the last year, so August will be the perfect time to catch up around the house. That said, the new moon on August 2 will split your attention between home and getting out around town and spending time with people. This will be a busy month, even with Mercury slowing down. But in reality the major focus this month will be relationship. Ever since Saturn moved into Sagittarius last September, you’ve been working hard on your interpersonal relationships. Maybe you celebrated a milestone with Saturn — a commitment to a partner, a marriage, or even a breakup. Nevertheless, Saturn will switch out of retrograde on August 13. The days leading up in addition to a full moon on August 18 will put a relationship to a test. Do you need to define a partnership. Are you ready to take things to the next level? Are things working? Keep in mind that Mars is in Sagittarius all month long. This is a noisy placement for you. Your relationships are heating up, you’re on the defensive more, there may even be an argument. A heavy hitting alignment of Mars and Saturn on August 24 could bring things to a boil. So, what do you do about it, Gemini? First, let’s take a step back; no need for anxiety. All Saturn really wants is for the people in your life, especially your partnerships, to be rock solid and equitable. As in has your back, can stand the test of time rock solid and equitable. Do some soul searching. Examine your choices. Where are there imbalances? Work with Saturn to rectify. You got this. Want to learn more about how the astrology of August will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Travel, movement, short trips, the neighborhood, information, classes, learning, siblings, relationships, partnerships, milestones, commitments, endings, disagreements, defense, identity, self expression, performance, creativity, romance.


Cancer Glyph

After the shock and awe of July, where do you go from here? Thankfully August is Leo season, a sign that points you toward stability and the material world. Make sure you place your feet on solid ground this month, feeling the sun on your skin, and reminding yourself that even after life’s tremendous storms, there’s always time to gather up what you need to begin again. The new moon on August 2 will give you an opportunity to rethink what you want to create in your life, what you want to seed. Yes, get out a piece of paper. The day of the new moon, write out what you want, what you need. Manifest it into being. Thankfully Saturn will lend a steady hand this month, helping you to clear out and clean up the old. Saturn will also place a strong emphasis this month on health, diet, and fitness. He’s been kicking your butt a little since last September and when he turns direct on August 13, it will be time to redefine what you need for optimal health as well as optimal organization. And it’s not just health getting Saturn’s critical gaze this month. He’s also taking a look at your schedule, your daily habits. If your life is a mess and you’re chronically late, Saturn will be on you in August, especially when Mars and Saturn meetup on August 24. Do you need to hit the gym? Make changes to your diet? This is your month. The full moon on August 18 will also put the spotlight on finance, banking, debt, and estate planning. You may have a decision to make about money as a result. The full moon will also get at the heart of your fears and, after all that you’ve been through, how will you tend to your emotional health this month as well as your physical health? Want to learn more about how the astrology of August will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Solid ground, the material world, possessions, stuff, ownership, value, money, income, resources, wealth, debt, taxes, power, fears, projections, the psyche, emotional healing, work, projects, health, wellness, diet, nutrition, hygiene, getting organized, schedule, routine, details, service, pets.


Leo Glyph

Let’s rewind a little bit, Leo. The past few years were probably not your best. When Saturn was back in Scorpio, you had to dig deeply into your roots, family secrets, and the hidden parts of your emotions. At the same time, you created a base in your life that was, hopefully, stronger than ever. Then in September, when Saturn moved into Sagittarius, your work shifted toward to the heart of who you are — your talents, your gifts, your creativity. You may be wondering, why are we looking into the past? Because all the work you’ve been doing has the opportunity to pay off this month. Did I get your attention? Better yet, you’re going to get the first glimpse of what you’ve been working and striving toward over the past few years. This is probably one of your better months, Leo. Make the most of it. First, the Leo New Moon on August 2 will open up a dynamic month and a dynamic personal year. One of the main themes that you’ll be experiencing is maturity. It doesn’t matter what age you are, Leo. There’s always a next step up the ladder and August will be yours. In fact, Mars will be igniting passion and romance this month as well as how you share who you are with the world. Don’t be afraid to break free of the old you, especially in the days around August 16. Then, on August 18, the full moon will light up relationships. You may have a major decision to make about a partnership, one that has repercussions for the future. Are you settling down? Taking things to the next level? Reinventing a relationship? Or, if you are single, realizing you need to attract something completely different into your life? Keep an eye on August 24 when Mars and Saturn align. This will be your date for personal upgrade with an eye toward the next two years. Take your talents seriously, Leo. You above all signs are here to be a force of creativity and individuality in the world. Want to learn more about how the astrology of August will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Identity, creativity, self expression, talent, performance, risk, personality, the self, emotional maturity, world view, new beginnings, relationships, partnership, one-on-one connections.


Virgo Glyph

This month is all about roots, Virgo. Ever since Saturn arrived in your home back in September, you’ve been having to take a serious look at what your life is built on. On a surface level, this could literally be the home, from moving to putting effort into making the home something symbolic of achievement. On a deeper level, however, it’s bigger questions on what role home and family mean in your life, who’s going to be there for you, responsibility to your loved ones, and how do you lay the groundwork for your bigger ambitions? Yes, it’s heavy stuff, but that’s life. Besides, it gives you a project to work on, especially as Saturn turns direct on August 13. I mention all of this because Mars will activate a story that has been ongoing for months. When it arrives back in Sagittarius on August 2, themes tied to home, family, and emotional connection will heat up. Maybe you’re having an existential crisis this month. In fact, Mars already dipped into this area back in March and into late May. Don’t be surprised if you revisit events from that time or have to tie up loose ends on something you began three to four months ago. Then a line up of Mars and Saturn on August 24 will bring this story to a head, the days surrounding touching on themes around commitment, milestones, endings in the home or family, beginnings in the home or family, a legacy or inheritance. In the meantime, the new moon on August 2 will signal a month that will also pull you behind the scenes, bring you to the end of a year long personal story, all in preparation for your birthday. Be mindful of what you want to let go in the days or weeks leading up to your birthday. What do you want to create in its place? Then on August 18, the full moon will turn the spotlight on health, work, and daily life. You may have a decision to make with a project or in the workplace. Or, if you’re looking to make changes in your upcoming personal year, the full moon will be a great time to make a to-do list, get organized, and start eating healthy. Want to learn more about how the astrology of August will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Home, family, security, connection, roots, inner circle, foundation, crossroads, endings, commitment, milestones, getting older, retreat, reflection, letting go, spirituality, dreams, meditation, recuperation, health, wellness, diet, fitness, nutrition, work, projects, pets.


Libra Glyph

You’re straddling two worlds this month, Libra. On one hand, this time of year is all about community, being with people who share your interests, and friends. On the other, with Venus pulling into Virgo on August 5, you’re coming to the end of a personal year. So you’re feeling the tug between making connections and the emotional heaviness of letting go. Therefore it’s important this August to both vision the future you want to create and release everything that is not in alignment with it. Ask yourself, who are the allies who will help you achieve your goals? What community do you need to support your life? That said, one of the main areas of focus this month is education and travel. Ever since Saturn moved into Sagittarius last September, you’ve had to take a serious look at at what you know and what you don’t know, getting the training you need to better express who you are as well as your creative talents. You may have manifested a teacher, someone to take you under their wing and educate you. When Mars activates this area of your life starting August 2, you’ll spend the next eight weeks getting down to business, hitting the books, taking classes, and getting your studies in. Don’t be surprised if this month is busy, filled with travel, phone calls, emails, and people to meet up with. In fact, you already got a preview of this back in March, early April, before Mars turned retrograde. Keep an eye on August 24 when Mars and Saturn meetup. You may have a major decision to make about a relationship or a partnership. Want to learn more about how the astrology of August will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Community, friends, networking, the collective, humanity, social causes, the future, intellect, spirituality, meditation, reflection, retreat, dreams, the unconscious, endings, travel, learning, communication, classes, siblings, trips, foreign lands, beliefs, truth, teachers, relationships, other people, commitment, milestones, endings.


Scorpio Glyph

As August opens, you bid adieu to Mars in Scorpio, a boost you’ve been on the better side of all last month. Mars has helped you push your agenda, get work done, or even put your spin on a project. On August 2, however, Mars will hop back into your money sign, which could play out a couple of ways. One, because Mars was retrograde from April until June, you’re revisiting themes from early April — themes of security and stability as well as the resources you need to create it. Two, because the August 2 new moon will turn your attention to toward career and success this month, Mars may be the ally you need to your ambitions into money. If not money then certainly spending August securing your material needs. Speaking of which, Saturn has been working this corner of your chart since last September and you’ve been trying to figure out on a deeper level what financial stability looks like as well securing lasting material comfort. What have you learned? Saturn, after all, is all about lessons, maturity, and personal milestones. In fact, Saturn and Mars, your ruling planet, will join up on August 24. This is a big deal Scorpio and the start of a personal two year cycle of achievement — achievement that won’t come without a lot of hustle. Thankfully August will be a great month for setting goals, gaining recognition, and professional opportunity. In other news, the full moon August 18 will have you getting real about your home and where to plant yourself. If August touches on material stability, what do you need to buy this month for home that will give you the foundation you need for success? Want to learn more about how the astrology of August will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Money, salary, income, material security, stability, value, resources, the physical world, career, reputation, public standing, title, success, achievement, recognition, direction, home, family, foundation, roots, emotional security, memories.


Sagittarius Glyph

It’s not easy being Sag lately. Not only has your ruler, Jupiter, been hanging out in a sign not known for fun, but Saturn has been all up in your business. Basically 2016 is the year you have to grow up. Not that you can’t handle responsibilities, but if it were up to you you’d be having a party right about now. Except here’s Saturn, like someone called the cops, telling you to turn down the music, send everyone home, and clean up. That said, here’s what you need keep in mind. You’re at a crossroads, Sag. Every corner of your life is up for review. Maybe you’re feeling the the pain of separation from family or you’re struggling to find deeper emotional meaning to everything that’s been happening of late. You’ve probably hustled harder this year than any other. (And if you haven’t, get to work; it’s not going to get easier.) If you’re a more ambitious type, this month could bring a major milestone or step up in your life. When Mars enters Sagittarius on August 2, it’s go time. Whatever career aspiration you’ve been tinkering with, whatever direction you want to head in life, Mars will give you the fuel. In fact, you’re revisiting something you began in March and April, before Mars went retrograde. Then, on August 13, Saturn will turn direct in Sagittarius. What’s your truth? How do you want to define who you are in the world? What role do you want to play? The pressure will be on, especially when Mars and Saturn join up on August 24. What have you accomplished? What successes are you still reaching for? What’s your reputation? Have you worked as hard as you could have? Even though this month is very much about you and your place in the world, the new moon on August 2 will turn you towards travel — long distance travel, foreign countries — in search of truth and meaning. You may be going away this month or finding travel and movement through books and philosophy. Want to learn more about how the astrology of August will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: The self, maturity, responsibility, getting older, wisdom, knowledge, teaching, getting real, truth, meaning, milestones, limitations, boundaries, definition, career, direction, action, determination, will, focus, travel, foreign land, other countries, education, classes, study, study, pilgrimage, world view, belief, publication, religion, journey.


Capricorn Glyph

What’s your truth, Capricorn? Have you made a leap of faith? Delved into the unknown? For the last year Saturn has been pulling you deeper and deeper into the quiet, the space between this life and the next. You’re in a chapter of your life designed to make you question, release the old, and shed the old layers of self. Mars will reactivate this inner journey starting August 2 when it goes back into Sagittarius. As a result, you may be revisiting feelings or events from March and April. On the same day a new moon will set you up for a month of transformation. Safe to say, emotions will run high this month. But there’s a purpose to August, much like there’s a bigger purpose to this bigger narrative you’ve been on. Think of this month as the point in the story when you have to face your fears, open up, dig into your discomfort and vulnerability. If you’re willing to make a big change, you’ll have a lot of support. Yes, emotional intimacy can be terrifying, pulling at the threads of the pain in your soul can be overwhelming. Are you safe? Mars will give you the bravery to confront the shapes and shadows you normally hide from. Saturn will push you forward when it turns direct on August 13. Then, the full moon on August 18 will turn the spotlight on finding solid ground. What do you need to feel grounded? Taken care of physically? If there is anything keeping you from feeling secure, the full moon as well as a link up of Mars and Saturn on August 24 will help you sever these connections for good. Want to learn more about how the astrology of August will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Endings, search for truth, meaning, reflection, meditation, spirituality, retreat, the unconscious, dreams, beliefs, world view, safety, security, fears, projections, the psyche, the shadow, trust, intimacy, value, the material world, resources, money, salary, income, other people’s money, debt, taxes, legacies, benefits, wealth, finance.


Aquarius GlyphIt’s all about other people this month, Aquarius. With the Sun in Leo for most of August, the spotlight is on relationship — and not just romantic relationships, but all your one-on-one connections and partnerships. The new moon on August 2 will open a four week period of creating new relationship as well as bringing new life to existing ones. In fact, on the same day as the new moon, Mars will enter your chart’s sector of community and friendships. You’ll definitely be motivated to connect with your tribe this month, to find the people who share your truth, your vision of the world. But keep in mind that Mars can be blustery and some of your interactions in your community may ruffle feathers or spark an argument over direction or ideology. Additionally, Saturn, your ruling planet, will turn direct on August 13, ending a four and a half month period of pulling back and reintegrating. Again, having a strong community is so important for you right now, Aquarius. You’re already a sign driven by a deep understanding of humanity and the needs of the collective. How will you take it to the next level? Be a leader? The Aquarius full moon on August 18 will put the spotlight on you. The days around will be a time to be recognized as well as take on new responsibilities in a social cause or in your community. Then, on August 24, a line up between Mars and Saturn will spark one of the more important days this year for you. This will be a time to really cement a professional ambition, to mark an achievement, to see the end of something as well as the beginning. You may see a change in title or even a vision for a new future. Want to learn more about how the astrology of August will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Relationships, other people, partnerships, one-on-one connections, friends, community, tribe, the collective, humanity, social causes, the future, networking, leadership, professional endings, professional beginnings, title, status, reputation, getting older, milestones, hopes, wishes, vision, truth, meaning, moving forward.


Pisces Glyph

Pisces, you’re coming to the end of a year long examination of partnership. Maybe in the last twelve months you’ve made a major commitment to a partner. Maybe you got into a serious relationship. Maybe you had to take a deep look at the people you attract into your life. Do you need more discernment? It hasn’t been easy for Pisces this year, to be honest. Between feeling far more sensitive than usual, and maybe a little off center as well, you’ve seen the four corners of your life come up for serious review. As a result, you’ve seen a lot shift in 2016, perhaps even painfully so. One of the main areas of focus in August, in addition to your relationships, is career. With Mars activating the highest reaches of your chart on August 2, you’ll feel a big push this month to launch yourself professionally, make a change in direction, or go after a big achievement. On the same day the new moon will point you toward work. More specifically, getting your life organized so that it supports your worldly ambitions. Want to get somewhere in your career? Make a to-do list. Sketch a plan. Figure out the road map and the practical steps needed to get from Point A to Point B. When Saturn turns forward on August 13, it will be time to put these plans into action. You’ll receive another professional boost on August 24 when Mars and Saturn link up. This boost will either cement your plans or push you to make a major change in your career. So don’t forget to get the legwork down before. Health, diet, and nutrition will also be a theme this month. Does your body need attention? Does your soul need care? Are there habits that you need to let go of? Foods that are not supportive? Use the full moon on August 18 to really shed the things that are not in alignment with all the positive strides you are reaching for this month and into the rest of the year — including deep emotional knots and psychic pain. Want to learn more about how the astrology of August will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Career, professional direction, reputation, status, title, achievement, endings, beginnings, milestones, work, next level, health, diet, nutrition, fitness, habits, schedule, organization, purity, service, the body, the soul, retreat, reflection, letting go, mediation, spirituality, declaration of faith, truth, meaning, commitment.