Aries Moon takes us into the weekend! With Mars in Virgo, this is a perfect time to get active, eat healthy, and make new initiatives. That said, wait for Mercury change signs before doing anything big. It will arrive in Virgo late on September 9.

By Sunday the Moon will be in Taurus, which will make for a more lazy, indulgent vibe. Taurus is a sign that is very emotionally driven to get its physical needs met — good food, nice things, a comfortable place to live, that sort of thing.

On a technical note, don’t forget that we’re in a lunar month that began with a solar eclipse. (In fact, I called that new moon “wildfire” and we’ve had significant fires here in the United States.) What the new moon does is create a container of experience that plays out over the subsequent weeks. Although the full moon on September 6 wasn’t an eclipse, it punctuated an already volatile lunar month, activating a major configuration of Jupiter and Uranus plus a strong connection to Neptune. (Here’s a pro tip, too — if you want to know what’s going to happen, follow the lunar cycle. Follow the planets the new and full moon makes contact with. The lunar cycle is a way to see how our holographic reality is woven.)

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