What’s in your shadow? What don’t you want to face about yourself? Pluto turns direct in Capricorn today, tugging at our deepest issues around power, control, and trust. Pluto holds the threshold between this life and the next. Time to let something go.

Pluto is a tough force to reckon with. Like Saturn, it touches on karma and the forces of cause and effect. Unlike Saturn, Pluto allows us the power of total alchemical transformation. On days like these, when the collective is saturated with the energy of Pluto, we’re called to look at ourselves in the mirror. It may be uncomfortable, but as you peer into yourself, if there’s something that needs to change, use the energy of Pluto to transmute it.

This is a perfect day for deep personal reflection, meditation, and soul searching. Pluto has a tendency to purge or at least pull up something that has heretofore been hidden. Pluto brings consciousness to unconsciousness. And if you’ve been through a Pluto transit, you know what it’s like to surrender to its wave of relentless transformation.

Don’t be afraid to change.

PS — I’m teaching a webinar on September 30 titled “Facing Saturn — How to Find Maturity and Purpose at Any Age“. It’s a look at the different points in our life when we have to face Saturn. If you’re 28-30 years old, this workshop is especially for you. You’re going through the “Saturn Return,” an initiation that happens for everyone when Saturn literally returns to the spot in the sky it occupied at the moment you were born after 29 long years.

Webinar Details:

Facing Saturn — How to Find Purpose and Maturity at Any Age

Saturday, September 30
2 pm New York, 11 am Los Angeles, 7 pm London, 5 am Sydney
Online via Zoom video conferencing
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