This week’s a bit chockablock with major planetary configurations. As I’ve mentioned the past couple of days, Jupiter and Uranus have their final face off, making for a buzzy, confrontational energy. Today may shock or awaken, our relationships may demand more.

That’s the thing about Uranus. As an outer planet — it resides beyond the limits of what we can view with the naked eye — Uranus serves as an agent of awakening and consciousness. What is seen cannot be unseen. Uranus can illuminate as well as confront. And with this new knowledge, we must take action.

Another outer planet in the mix is Pluto. Tomorrow it will turn direct after a five month retrograde, infusing the energy of this week with a deep karmic overtone. If Uranus turns a light on, then Pluto does its work in kind by reaching deep into the spaces of our soul and showing us what was there all along. Pluto helps us evolve by making us recognize the shadow without is the shadow within.

The outer planets make for hard work. We’re moving through a passage in humanity when a lot needs to shift in a short amount of time. We’re pushing through our personal and collective evolution at a breakneck speed. What is hidden cannot be hidden anymore. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself. And since the North Node is in Leo, this is a perfect reminder to actively cultivate joy as well as passion in these times.

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Facing Saturn — How to Find Purpose and Maturity at Any Age

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