The Sun makes its last major connection to Saturn in Sagittarius, signalling the final leg of a nearly three year journey in search meaning. We’ve had our faith tested. We’ve had to define our truth. How we see the world has greatly changed.

Saturn isn’t an easy planet, but it’s a necessary planet. Like a good parent, it sets limits, it instructs, and it pushes us to grow into better versions of ourselves. Since the beginning of 2015, Saturn has been passing through the sign of Sagittarius and thus our personal and collective growth has been centered on educating ourselves, learning to understand other beliefs or points of view, and working on our spirituality. Sagittarius, after all, is the sign of religion, philosophy, university, law, and foreign travel.

Sagittarius is also the pilgrim. Ruled by Jupiter, it’s the sign that inspires us to look outward, to leave our home and our community in search of something new. Hopefully you’ve traveled over the last couple of years, literally and metaphorically. Hopefully you’ve discovered new things about yourself and the world. And with the help of Saturn, you’ve built a strong foundation for what you believe in.

PS — I’m teaching a workshop in New York City followed by a webinar on understanding Saturn. Titled “Facing Saturn — How to Find Maturity and Purpose at Any Age“, it’s a look at the different points in our life when we have to face Saturn. If you’re 28-30 years old, this workshop is especially for you. You’re going through the “Saturn Return,” an initiation that happens for everyone when Saturn literally returns to the spot in the sky it occupied at the moment you were born after 29 long years.

If you’re in New York City, the workshop is on Tuesday, September 26 at 7 pm eastern in Manhattan for $40 USD. I’m doing a webinar version for those of you who are outside of New York on Saturday, September 30 at 2 pm eastern for $30 USD including the mp3 recording. It doesn’t matter how much astrology you know. I’ll break things down and show you how to gain a deeper understanding of what you came here to work on and achieve in your life. Email to register. Please let me know if you’re interested in the NYC workshop or the webinar.

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Facing Saturn: How to Find Maturity and Purpose at Any Age

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