The Moon wraps up its stay in sensitive Pisces and we’re poised for an Aries Full Moon. Conjunct the planet Uranus, expect the unexpected with this full moon. Uranus is the planet of consciousness and its role is to awaken, shake, confront, and inspire us to evolve.

If the new moon sets the stage and seeds the narrative for the coming four weeks, the full moon is the dramatic arc, the climax that reveals just what we’ve been building towards since the new moon. A Virgo lunar month, which we began on September 20, is a return to the practical details of life. It’s time spent focusing on health, our bodies, hygiene, purity, fitness, and nutrition. It’s also a return to school as well as service. Maybe these themes have naturally woven into your life over the past two weeks.

But here we are, on the cusp of the Aries Full Moon, and the story has arced toward violence, anger, and aggression — some of ways the energy of Aries expresses itself in lower consciousness. Aries is also bravery and the courage to strike out on one’s own. I think this full moon is a reminder that we live in times where the polarity of consciousness swings both ways. We can use the energy of Aries for good, to lead and inspire … as well as brutal acts of carnage. It doesn’t matter what day it is, what season it is, where the planets are, it’s our personal work to check in and ask ourselves how we are using the energy of a sign or planet.

Be courageous.

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Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash