As the Moon wraps up its stay in Sagittarius, it’s a reminder that we’re coming to the end of this long Saturn in Sagittarius journey. We’ve had to work hard to define what we believe in. Soon, Saturn will give us a report card.

We’ve had two and a half years of Saturn in Sagittarius, in fact. That’s two plus years of having our faith, our morals, our worldview tested. We’ve had to hammer out a new philosophy.

In short, Saturn in Sagittarius is a quest, a search that takes us to distant lands, different cultures, and different ideologies. Maybe we’ve gone back to school, hit the open road, or even written a book. That said, what have you found out about yourself and the world since 2015? What do you believe now that you didn’t believe before?

On December 19, Saturn will move into Capricorn — just shy of two months away. If Saturn is the planet that teaches us lessons, then next up in our curriculum will be lessons in maturity, responsibility, and power. (Note that Saturn, as a slow moving planet, spends about 2-3 years in each sign, taking 29 years to make one complete trip around the zodiac.) Saturn will be teaching us the karma of our choices and what we manifest in our lives personally and as a collective. More on that come December.

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Photo by Nacho Rochon on Unsplash