We’re on the cusp of a new lunar month. And while the Libra Moon usually prefers sweetness, beauty, and partnership, we’ve got a couple of prickly connections to Pluto and Uranus in the mix. Translation, our interactions may be charged or confrontational. Something has to shift.

Libra Season is a wonderful time to examine our relationships with people both on an interpersonal level and romantic level. As an air element sign, Libra’s driven to connect. It’s social, curious, and needs partnership to get things done. We may not be Libras, but each year we return to this sign to discover ourselves more through the people we attract.

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, a heavy topic of late has been how we treat each other. In its highest potential, these Libra energies are a call for us to be more conscious of how we relate, recognize, and understand each other. But, first, we have to take a hard look at ourselves as well as others. With hard aspects to Pluto and Uranus, something will have to change in the coming weeks about how we relate to one another. It’s an imperative. And it’s a necessary part of our collective evolution.

We may be coming out of the Uranus square Pluto era, but it’s energies are still very much present. If you’re new to this concept of Uranus square Pluto, check out this article from my archives.

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Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash