What’s a secret? What’s taboo or intimate? Mercury moves into Scorpio and we’re more likely to divulge, especially as Mercury meets up with Jupiter. On the flip side, Mercury can be a bit obsessive in Scorpio. We’re tenaciously getting to the bottom of a mystery, even if it’s uncomfortable.

Scorpio’s a sign that’s getting a bit of attention of late. With Jupiter now in Scorpio for the next year, we’re taking an unflinching look at all the deep, dark things we’d rather hide or sweep under the rug. Rape, abuse, trauma all fall under Scorpio’s purview and Jupiter is telling tales and spilling secrets — just look at the news.

In fact, Jupiter is the stories we tell. Mercury is the words we use to write these stories or speak these tales. Mercury’s quick trip through Scorpio may have us searching our souls and examining the shadowy parts of ourselves over the next few weeks. Jupiter merely makes it so much easier to open up.

Note that Jupiter will be in Scorpio until November 8, 2018. Want to know what it will mean for your sign? Check out my sign-by sign-guide for Jupiter in Scorpio.

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Photo by Sherry Zhu on Unsplash