Tomorrow’s Taurus Full Moon is not messing around. With a tight opposition between Venus and Uranus, our value, our worth, and our most basic needs are up for review. Uranus can be very make-or-break. It can also shock, awaken, and shake us into new awareness.

Although I’ll go into more detail on the full moon tomorrow, I wanted to explain the energy of Uranus. One of it’s main purposes as a key to our evolution is to awaken us to new consciousness. As you can imagine, awakenings can either be chaotic or inspirational as our world — or our sense of the world — pivots to match our new reality.

Uranus’s discovery by telescope in 1781 coincided with an age of rapid scientific advancement as well as revolution and seismic political change. As the planet that follows Saturn — the last known planet to the ancients — Uranus breaks us out of limits and structures. It opens us to new possibilities. But as Uranus helps give us new vision, we can’t unsee what we now see.

What’s shaking in your life right now? Where are you receiving new awareness and consciousness? How do your relationships need to change? What has to pivot to match your evolving reality? More on this tomorrow.

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Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash