Feeling sensitive? Are your dreams more vivid than usual? Is your intuition stronger? Neptune, the planet of spirituality, illusions, and redemption turns direct at 11 Pisces. This is one of the days that the veil thins and we connect to the mystical side of life.

Neptune is a hard planet to understand. It’s etheric and quiet, located just outside of our physical perception. But, using our sixth sense, we can feel it like a current of energy. And that is one of Neptune’s primary functions, which is to open us to the world beyond this world and connect us to the universality of life.

If you have Neptune strongly placed in your chart, you are a conduit for the emotions, experiences, and even the sufferings of the world. It’s easy for you to feel everything and, often overwhelmed, you have to learn how to adapt to this sensitivity. Some do not, seeking out substance to feel less or to cut out. But Neptune is also the transcendence of the divine, that awe inspiring, powerful moment when the worries and pain of the physical world wash away and we open to something much bigger than ourselves.

Neptune teaches us that we are all connected and part of the great cosmic fabric. When Neptune is present in the astrology, as it is today, we’re more aware of the larger issues of humanity. We’re called to open our hearts to others and recognize ourselves in others. Neptune is empathy. Neptune is unconditional love as well as forgiveness.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a moment to create sacred space and time. Mediate. Use Neptune’s opening to the non physical to connect to your intuition and highest guidance. Be open to new awareness and consciousness as well as the healing and redemptive energies of Neptune. Keep a dream journal. Also keep watch out for Neptune’s lower tendencies towards substance abuse, anything that numbs or takes us out of reality, lies or at least a bending of the truth.

Lastly, a reminder that we’re in Sagittarius Season as of yesterday, a time to explore, try new things, travel, and all around broaden our horizons. Sagittarius opens us up to the world and helps us to build a framework for how we see the world. It’s a sign that encompasses faith, beliefs, religion, philosophy, and education.

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