Last day of the lunar month. It’s our day to tie up loose ends, reflect, and take consciousness of what we learned over the previous four weeks. Tomorrow we have a new moon, one that will put us into Scorpio’s crucible of transformation and rebirth.

By now we’re familiar with Scorpio’s energy. In fact we’re at the tail end of Scorpio Season, preparing for the Sun’s arrival in Sagittarius on November 21. Plus, Jupiter’s been in Scorpio, giving us more of Scorpio’s penchant for sex, death, power, secrets, and money. (Sound a little familiar? Look at the news if you’re not sure.) But the coming Scorpio lunar month means that we’re not done with Scorpio. Not by a long shot.

At the core of this new moon is Mars square Pluto, which means that we have transform. Pluto speaks in non negotiable imperatives. It shows us something that has been previously hidden so that we can powerfully render it into something new not unlike turning lead into gold. And because Mars is still hanging out in Libra, our work this lunar month is still focused on relationships, especially the not so nice ways in which we interact personally, intimately, and romantically.

More on this tomorrow.

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