Today is power day. Use it wisely! With the Sun in Taurus picking up support from Pluto in Capricorn, it’s about money, stability, and securingĀ our material needs. But the sky is a little unstable at the moment. Don’t be surprised if the day throws you the unexpected.

And that’s the thing. Mercury has been creeping up on Uranus, an aspect that speaks to sudden insights as much as it does disruption. This full moon may be a bit of a curveball, something seen that had previously been hidden. If your plans aren’t quite working out, how can the full moon plus the energy of Uranus show you a new path?

Emotional energy is running high. Who do we trust? We may feel more triggered than usual today. Use the energy of Mars in Gemini to have open, constructive conversations. Otherwise our pent up feelings may come spilling out.

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