The Moon is still in Virgo, highlighting the energy of diligence, practice, and organization. Virgo is a bit of an unsung sign, but it’s a necessary one. By tending to the details, we ensure that life runs smoothly and productively. Get to work today.

With Mercury in Aries, the Moon is pointing its energy toward the sign of action, courage, and initiative. In fact, much of the┬ásky is pointing its energy toward Aries, we’re feeling a need to break out on our own and take the lead. Virgo loves a plan and loves to bring order to chaos. Make sure you’re going into the weekend with your to-do list written out, which may include a project or cleaning. Virgo needs purity as well as commitment.

Note that Mercury is still coming up to a conjunction to Uranus, which means the energy in the sky right now is a little hot and unpredictable. You can’t hold anything back with Uranus, it has to come out, which can be wonderfully liberating or a mess. Uranus is one of those planets that says that nothing can stay the same. Be prepared to evolve your consciousness over the coming days.

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