Today’s Virgo Moon will pick up the steady practicality of the Taurus Sun. If we want to manifest our dreams, shaping them from the earth, we have to have a plan. Be inspired to break out of the mold, but be real about what you want to create.

Virgo is also a sign ruled by the planet Mercury. And, as you may recall from yesterday, Mercury turned direct. So this Virgo Moon has some extra juice, a spicy kick courtesy of Mercury in fiery Aries. (Pro tip — whenever a planet is “station,” which is to say it appears to stand still, it’s energy is extra concentrated.)

As a precaution, just note that Mercury is also picking up the energy of Uranus in Aries and Mars in Gemini. This will make for brilliant insights and powerful conversations. But it will also make for sudden, restless energy prone to accident or outbursts. Good thing we have the earth of Taurus and Virgo to keep us grounded. And if you really want to channel Virgo today, give your surroundings a nice tidying up or an extra scrub.

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Astro Daily: May 3, 2017

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