We start the weekend with a dreamy Pisces Moon, picking up on the energies of Venus and Jupiter. While perfect for art, photography, and cinema, it’s a bit decadent when it comes to food, alcohol, and pleasure. Try not to go overboard.

It’s also the last full day of Taurus Season and we bid adieu to the sign of fertility, money, and earthly indulgences. As we pull out of the Venus Retrograde shadow, hopefully we have a deeper sense of not only our value but what’s really important in life. On May 20, the Sun moves into Gemini, a fast pace, restless, and pathologically curious sign. But our lessons in value will carry on as Mercury will be in Taurus for another two weeks.

Lastly is today’s exact Saturn/Uranus trine, an aspect that I haven’t really mentioned too much, but it pairs two really interesting energies. Saturn is the planet of matter and the regulator of our physical reality. Uranus is the planet of awakenings and the evolution of consciousness. Saturn preserves the status quo, Uranus breaks apart. Normally at odds with each other, when they are in support we can open up our physical reality to something new. We can innovate, build new solutions, and vision new systems. In this climate of societal tensions, hopefully this greater influence can help us find common solutions.

As a nerdy technical aside, this current cycle of Saturn/Uranus began in 1988-1989 when Saturn and Uranus made a conjunction. Yes, that’s a long cycle. And if you know your history, that was a time when we saw the birth of the internet as well as the fall of governments, walls, and systems. May we be open to something new this year. The next and final trine between Saturn and Uranus will be on November 11, 2017.

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