We sail into the weekend with a Sagittarius Moon, inspiring us to look abroad and seek exotic shores. As a sign in search of wisdom and experience, Sagittarius will go to the ends of the earth for to find it. If not through travel, then certainly through education.

Despite the ups and downs of the last few days courtesy of a Scorpio Full Moon, Sagittarius gives us a dash of optimism, like a ray of hope in a dark situation. After all, Mars and Jupiter have been making a trine. We’re feeling lucky . . . and maybe a little cocky, too.

But, as I mentioned yesterday, Saturn is in Sagittarius. And we may be feeling a little defensive this weekend as our faith may be called into question. How do we know what we believe in unless it is tested? If you’re not sure what you belive in, use the energy of the Sagittarius Moon to seek out new philosophies and different ways of seeing the world.

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Astro Daily: May 11, 2017

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