Hello, May! We welcome in a season that celebrates, through the sign of Taurus, fertility, pleasure, and the natural world. With Venus in fiery, passionate Aries, we’re going after what we want this month and not apologizing. Watch out for ruffled feathers.

Although we’re in a new month, let’s take a quick look at April. In all honesty, between Mars in its detriment (aka the sign opposite it rules) and Venus in retrograde, April was weird at best. The energy was noncommittal, sluggish, and unsure of itself. Everyone I talked to agreed that this “month of retrogrades” dragged up a lot of our nagging person, emotional, and spiritual issues.

Mercury will turn direct on May 3 so this week just keep an eye out for the usual shenanigans. More importantly, Mercury will turn direct in Aries in close contact to Uranus. Don’t be surprised if you hear sudden news or blurt something out you’ve been holding in. Make sure you give Mercury a place to express itself, either through journaling or with a close, trusted confidant.

PS — My monthly horoscopes are in retrograde. I’m in retrograde. Mea culpa. They will be up soon!

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