Hello! Mars is in the final minutes of Aries, wrapping up a journey that began on January 28. Later today, Mars will move into Taurus. Whereas Aries is brash and impulsive, Taurus is slow, methodical, and motivated by the material. Mars in Aries hunts; in Taurus it gathers.

There’s an interesting twist to this whole Mars in Taurus journey. See, when we look for Venus in the sky right now, it’s in Aries and five days into a retrograde. Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus. Mars is the ruling planet of Aries. Venus is in Mars’s sign and Mars is in Venus’s sign. Everyone following? The planets are, in a way, switched. We like to call this a mutual reception in astrology.

When you have a mutual reception — aka two planets in each others signs — the planets have an opportunity to express themselves in both signs. In this case, there will be an energetic circulation of energies between Aries and Taurus, fire and earth, the spark of life and the fertile container for life to grow. But Venus is retrograde. I get the sense that Mars in Taurus may be bringing in a lot possibilities, but it may take until Venus turns direct on April 15 for us to fully know.

In the meantime, enjoy Mars in Taurus’s sensual energies. Mars will motivate us to enjoy good food, a nice walk in nature, and other earthy pleasures.

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