Jupiter turns retrograde in Scorpio. As the planet that inspires us to explore, Jupiter’s journey through Scorpio has taught us about life’s darker experiences and the emotions that go with it. We’re now pulling back to reflect on its deep lessons in trust, intimacy, and power.

Scorpio isn’t an easy sign. Then again, of the twelve signs, there has to be one that touches on themes of life and death, rebirth, transformation, and the shadow. Scorpio straddles two worlds; this one and the next.

Scorpio is also secrets, the ones we bury deep in ourselves, the ones born of shame and trauma. It’s not coincidence that Jupiter’s arrival in Scorpio on October 10, 2017 coincided with an unprecedented release of stories around abuse, taboo, and sexual misconduct — subjects that fall under Scorpio’s purview — as well as paralleled the rise of #metoo.

So here we are, our secrets laid bare, our souls exposed. We’ve had so many watershed moments over the last five months. What does it all mean? How has our view of the world changed? Our faith changed? How does someone else’s shadow mirror our own?

Jupiter also rules Pisces, so its change of movement today will activate the Pisces Sun, Neptune, and Chiron. With Mars in Sagittarius coming up on a square to Chiron in Pisces, don’t be surprised if Jupiter Retrograde touches on a deep emotional or psychic nerve. Jupiter in Scorpio is the purge.

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Photo by Antony Xia on Unsplash