Venus moves into Aries and the planet of cooperation now has to find the courage to strike out on its own. If Venus is also what we value, then we’re attracted to passion, bravery, and action. Our relationships and experiences with others will heat up as well.

Venus and Mercury in Aries (see yesterday’s update) is a reminder that Mars is rounding out its time in Sagittarius. The action right now has been in the sign of philosophy, travel, and education. With Mars agitating all these planets in Pisces we’ve been experiencing, the past week — especially with the full moon — has likely been confrontational in some way. Maybe we’ve had philosophical arguments. Maybe we’ve had emotional arguments. Maybe we’ve been torn between what we want versus the things that are not in our control. Pisces Season, after all, teaches us that life is often not in our hands. All we can do is go with the flow.

Just a note on today’s Scorpio Moon. It’s been activating the eclipse degrees from January 31 and February 15. Pay attention to what’s been happening the past couple of days as well as today. The Scorpio Moon is giving you insight into what these eclipses were all about.

PS — if you want to know where your Venus is and what you value as well as what you’re attracted to, check out my article on Venus Through the Signs.

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