We’re still surfing a Cancer Moon. Pair that with a Pisces Sun and it’s all about emotions and emotional bonds. Why? Because Cancer and Pisces are water signs, the element that connects us with feeling. As a result, you may feel extra sensitive or even quiet today.

That said, we’re generally in a quiet week even as we work our way to the Virgo Full Moon on March 12. Maybe quiet isn’t the right word. Sober? Serious? A little heavy? The full moon will form a cross to Saturn while Mercury, the ruler of the Moon, will conjunct with Chiron. Something will stir this week, something deep.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Mars will wrap up its stay in Aries, moseying into Taurus on March 9. Whereas Aries is quick and decisive, Taurus is slow and cautious. The next couple of days, before Mars changes signs, we may feel a push to tie up loose ends of things we began on or around January 28.

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