Scorpio Moon kicks up the feelings, activating an already emotional line up of planets in Pisces. Plus, we’re coming off a full moon, one that revealed where we have some healing work to do. As a result, we may feel a need to purge today.

Starting tomorrow, the sky will start to shift towards Aries. Right now, Mercury and Venus are at the end of Pisces, straddling the divide between the old and the new, this life and the next. With that, we’ll start to feel an injection of fire into our week, an element that motivates, inspires, and leads us forward. But Aries can be confrontational and, as a result, our relationships and communication may heat up.

In the meantime, the theme of the sky is still element water; we’re only half way through Pisces Season. Water teaches us to feel, to empathize with others. It also stirs up old emotions as well as memories. This Pisces Season, with Jupiter in Scorpio, is inviting us to heal on a deep soul level. The Virgo Full Moon on March 1 put that healing into practical action.

Lastly, my March horoscopes are live. You can find them here or linked below.

PS — thank you to all of those who came out to my talk on The Astrology of 2018 on March 1. I hope to do a webinar version soon for those of you who are not in the New York City area.

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