After a short sprint through Aries, Mercury, the planet of communication and travel, arrives in Taurus today, a sign where¬†it learns to slow down. Taurus is earthy, experiential. It likes to touch, taste, and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. In Taurus¬†Mercury gathers.

Mercury’s arrival in Taurus is also a reminder that we’re coming up on another edition of Mercury Retrograde, which will commence on April 9. And during this period, Mercury will cross back and forth between Taurus and Aries, arriving back in Taurus on May 16. When Mercury is retrograde, we’re editing and reviewing instead of writing a new story. No big deal.

Also, Mercury in Taurus is a nice change from Aries. When Mercury is in Aries, everything is fast. It’s a race to the finish line. Taurus is a reminder to take our time, to be deliberate, and value every step of the way.

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