We’ve been having our first big check in with Saturn during this new Saturn in Capricorn era. Which is to say that, this has been a week to make big plans and think about how we’re going to go level up in our maturity, ambition, achievement.

When you go through what’s called a “Saturn transit”, it’s not unlike like being a kid and the parent comes to our room to discover that we’ve been goofing off and not getting our homework done. (Uh oh.) Saturn teaches us a lot of things — the importance of having healthy boundaries and limits, the importance of setting goals and working hard to achieve those goals, the importance of holding ourselves in integrity. And Saturn teaches us about time and the growth that can only come from lived experience. But there’s another side to Saturn, that of the disciplinarian.

Life is about cause and effect and so this week we may have been feeling or seeing the effects of our actions. Saturn may also be letting us know where we need to work harder or set our sights higher because Saturn — positive Saturn — wants us to make something of ourselves.

We’re coming up to a full moon in two days time, one that will activate this Saturn energy. All this Saturn energy may be exhausting, but push ahead with your goals and ambitions, make plans, don’t rush, be in integrity. Everything takes time.

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Photo by Rachel Pfuetzner on Unsplash