A Leo Moon energizes the start of our week, adding fuel to Aries Season. We want to rush forward with new ideas, but we’ve got Saturn calling the shots. Slow and steady wins the race. Saturn wants a plan and it also wants responsibility and commitment.

As I’ve mentioned the past few updates, with Mars over in Capricorn, Saturn is the boss of us right now. And Saturn is the planet whose job it is to make us take life seriously. You know, pay the bills, show up on time, honor our word, and make something of ourselves in the world. Perhaps not the most glamorous of energies, but it certainly gets things done.

So, you may be feeling a serious vibe this week, especially as we get closer to the end of March. Saturn reminds us that our goals and aspirations take hard work and dedication. Saturn also reminds us of the rules. This is not the week to try to get away with something or break the rules.

Don’t forget, Mercury is in retrograde, so we’re planning and re-envisioning this week instead of acting. By the start of April, we may have some hard decisions to make.

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Photo by Donnie Rosie on Unsplash