We start the weekend with some spicy energy. Venus in Aries comes up to a seductive square with Pluto, showing us the darker side of love, from power and control to taboo. Plus, the Sun and Mars are heating up, bringing issues in our relationships to the forefront.

Aries and it’s opposing sign of Libra form what’s known as the relationship axis. If Aries inspires independence and leadership, then it’s in Libra that we learn compromise and partnership. Relationships will be one of our focal points this Aries Season, especially as we come up to next week’s Libra Full Moon and April’s heated astrology.

Don’t forget, Mercury is retrograde. While it’s not a time to panic, it is a time to review our choices. And, as I illustrated yesterday, it’s a time to be deliberate, thoughtful, and responsible in our actions. This touches on relationships, too.

Lastly, the Gemini Moon takes us into the weekend, making for a chatty, social vibe. But once the Moon moves into Cancer on Saturday, we’ll be more likely to stay close to home the rest of the weekend.

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