Mercury turns retrograde today in Aries. Despite wanting to, we can’t rush, we can’t cut corners. Saturn will be keeping a close watch over us during this retrograde. Everything has to be methodical and to its exacting standards … or we’ll quickly see the consequences. (Thanks, Saturn!)

There’s always a lesson in Mercury Retrograde, a time every few months to take consciousness of our choices as well as how we act and think. I saw this first hand over the last twenty-four hours. I should confess that I have a Gemini Moon and that Mercury plays a prominent role in my chart. I’m a pathological multitasker, everything interests me, and I get distracted easily. But this impending Mercury Retrograde was a fiery reminder that I need to slow down and chose my actions carefully. Why? Everything I tried to cook — and I’m an excellent cook — ended up burned.

My takeaway from all of this, especially as I contemplate a few culinary do-overs, is that this retrograde is going to really hold ourselves to ourselves. All the energy of Aries right now is pointing to Mars and Saturn in Capricorn with Saturn getting the last word. And when Saturn is involved, it’s like having the boss or the parent watch our every move. We have to show that we have the maturity to handle responsibility and make appropriate choices.

In the meantime, I’ll be paying more attention in the kitchen.

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Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash