Welcome to Aries Season! We begin a new year, a new cycle, and we’re ready to spring forward. Aries is the sign of action and motivation. But with the energy of Aries Season pointing toward Capricorn, we’re taking serious action towards our future.

That said, let’s give due diligence to Aries, the first sign of the zodiac and the first fire sign. Aries animates and breathes life. It also teaches us about fearlessly moving forward. (And if you know an Aries, they have a tendency to rush.)

Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, recently moved into Capricorn, so this Aries Season is actually telling us to slow down. Capricorn is deliberate and seasoned compared to Aries’s haste. Whatever actions we’re taking need to take the future into account as Capricorn is the sign that speaks to growing up, growing older, and making something of ourselves in the world.

As a result, don’t be surprised if you’re taking a serious look at yourself and your ambitions over the coming days. We’re having our first real check in with our Saturn in Capricorn story. How are we taking measured action towards making big achievements in our lives? Saturn speaks to what I call Big Life, so this may be a season of milestones and first starts.

This also may be a doozy of a week. There’s a lot of provocative aspects on the horizon and Aries likes to provoke. Plus, Mercury will turn retrograde on March 22, so while we want to rush forward, we may have to do some rethinking for the next few weeks.

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Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash