Feeling stretched? Today’s big deal opposition between Jupiter and Uranus may be pushing us to our breaking point. Something has to give — how we see the world, how we see ourselves, how we live our lives. Pisces Season may be all about dreams, but Uranus is shocking us awake.

I like to call the Uranus opposition the “coming out” aspect. Why? Because Uranus, as an agent of change and transformation, confronts us to break free or break out from anything that is not our authentic self. We live in a Saturnian world with a lot of rules, conditioning, and programming. When we cross into the outer planets — the planets outside of what we can see with the naked eye — we’re going outside of Saturn, outside of limitations and the material. Uranus is the planet of revolution, genius, and innovation. It’s also, in its lowest expression, chaos and the breakdown of structure. Certainly life feels a little chaotic right now.

Harness Uranus in its positive expression. Open yourself up to a paradigm shift. Open yourself to new sight, new vision, new consciousness.

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