We start the week on a serious note. With the Moon rounding out its time in Capricorn, moving into Aquarius later today, the planet Saturn is calling a lot of the shots. It’s the day to focus on our lives, our future, our responsibilities. Time is running out.

Saturn also speaks to what I call “Big Life”. You know, the events that mark our time here on this planet — births, marriages, achievements, and even losses. Saturn also wants us to make something of ourselves and, let’s not forget, Saturn is in Capricorn right now. Saturn’s already high standard for achievement is even higher.

Try to set some goals this week. Try to sketch out a plan for this year, checking in with what Saturn in Capricorn is pushing you to achieve for. (You can discover what that is in my Saturn in Capricorn: Sign by Sign guide.) Plus, Venus in Aries is coming up to a square to Saturn. It’s time to get real about what we love and value. It’s time to commit.

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Photo by Joshua Fuller on Unsplash