Whee! The Aries Moon is activating Mars and Uranus today and a tense configuration with Jupiter and Pluto we’re been navigating since last month. This is a get up and go sort of day. Events may move swiftly, suddenly, or even unexpectedly.

This is a bit of a contrast from today’s merge of the Sun and Neptune in Pisces. Whereas Aries is fiery and blunt, Pisces is quiet, contemplative, and highly intuitive. If something is moving today, we’re being called to remember that there is a higher force at work, we’re being guided to check in with the divine plan. In Pisces, especially paired with Neptune, the Sun has to surrender its ego. It’s no longer about the self. It’s about the universal self.

Note that this powerful energy is in play all week. What do you want to create with it? What doors is Source trying to open for us if we’d only stop resisting?

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