One of the questions posed this Cancer Season is, “How are you being nourished?” As a sign that’s closely connected to food and the familial love we receive from a parent, Cancer is the substance that gives us life. But what if we’re feeding ourselves with the emotions and feelings that don’t support us?

The next couple of days will heighten our sensitivity — sensitivity to the times we were excluded, felt different, or misunderstood. Chiron will turn retrograde on July 1 at 28 Pisces, a sign that takes feeling to an existential level. Chiron shows us our suffering, our knots, the knots that wrap around certain parts of our psyche.

The thing about nourishment is that it can go either way. Chiron demands healing and consciousness so that we can stop feeding our knots. Suffering is a powerful energy, but an energy that nourishes the darkness within and without. What ever you’re feeling this weekend, if it’s holding you back, don’t feed it.

On top of that Mars and Pluto will face off on July 2. This is a big deal alignment and one that is a bit confrontational. If you are an Aries or a Scorpio, you have to face your shadow self. For the rest of us, it’s a check in on how we’re using Mars — how we’re taking action, taking power, and using our energy. Pluto is like a plumber, rooting out a block for us to take conscious of and heal.

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