If we’ve been tending to our roots this week, then today’s Virgo Moon is a sharp eye for what’s working and what’s not. Like Cancer, Virgo is a sign that’s associated with food — food that heals and purifies. Feed yourself and your life only the best.

Virgo also has a reputation as the organizer of the zodiac. Yes, I know there are messy Virgos out there, but the energy of the sign, at its core, needs to sort and understands that everything has its place. With Mercury facing off with Pluto into tomorrow, we may be feeling a restless need to clean and purge.

As a mentioned yesterday, Mars is opposing Pluto into July 2. This is an intense energy configuration that forces us to look at the karma of how we use Mars — how we take action, express our anger, show our aggression. Pluto always wants us to confront the shadow within, release, and transmute. Don’t be surprised if deep emotional material is bubbling to the surface over the coming days.

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