What’s a thorny subject for you? A reoccurring pain? A knot around a particular aspect of your life? The Sun squares Chiron today and we may be feeling — and seeing — a deeper issue at hand. Make sure you work on your healing and engage in self care.

Chiron, as some of you may know, is a newer addition to astrology. Discovered only in 1977, Chiron is a key to understanding ourselves on a level we previously didn’t have access to. In fact, the discovery of new planets represent a moment when an aspect of consciousness an evolution is now availably to humanity. It connects the personal to the transpersonal.

For that Chiron is a collective planet. Meaning it touches on themes that exist on the level of the collective — our collective pain, our suffering, our fears. But it also hits something quite close to home. Maybe we struggle with self worth. Or maybe it’s feelings of abandonment or inferiority. Chiron in Pisces, the sign it is in now, is a reminder that there is no separation. Your pain is everyone’s pain. And when you open your own psychic knots, it opens up space for humanity to heal as well.

Note that today’s square is the first check in with a story that began or a seed that was planted on March 14 when the Sun met up with Chiron at 24 degrees Pisces. Meditate on what was happening for you emotionally on or around that time.

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