The Moon is in Aquarius, triggering a tense face off between the Sun and Saturn. Life may feel very serious at the moment, making demands for commitment and responsibility. Our faith and ideology may be tested as well. Try to be impartial and see the big picture.

While the annual opposition between the Sun and Saturn will arrive tomorrow, June 15, we’re feeling the build up. Do we say yes or no? Make a left or a right? That said, Saturn’s not necessarily a bad guy. The planet tends to be active during periods of growth, maturity, and personal milestones — new careers, births, marriages, for example. Nevertheless, Saturn puts the pressure on us, reminding that life is short. It shows boundaries and authority, like a parent or even a cop. And, just like a parent, Saturn is entrusted with making sure we grow into mature adults who keep our word and do the right thing.

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