Mercury squares Neptune today and we may be getting our wires crossed. Since we’re in Gemini Season — aka Mercury Season — this is having a direct impact on communication. Make sure you’re getting the right information. Better yet, meditate, daydream, or connect with your intuition.

Neptune has a habit of making this a little foggy, blurring the lines between the objective and subjective, the real and the imagined. It’s great for creative writing, but for truth telling? Perhaps the details are a little embellished. Further, Neptune will station retrograde on June 16 so things are a little fuzzy this week anyway.

Mercury also trines Jupiter today and there’s an opportunity in all this — an opportunity to find common ground, to partner up, and to find harmony.

PS — If you’re in NYC, I’m a speaker at the Queer Astrology Conference on Saturday, June 24. I’m doing a talk titled “Chiron: Untying the knot.” Registration and conference information here:

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